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High pitched whine after 90k service

28 March 2005
Central Alabama
After my 90k service there was a high pitched noise that sounds like a power steering pump low on fluid. This diminishes as engine warms up to the extent that it disappears. Oil pressue guage was reading quite low also but this had been problematic before. Mechanical guage was hooked up and pressure was good both hot and cold. Driving spiritedly and exceeding 6800 rpm cause check engine light to come on. Light goes out after restart. Fault code was 22.
Any thoughts on this? Please, the noise scares me!
22 combined with your other comments is a little bit scary. I would check your oil before starting the car again. Code 22 is V-Tech oil pressure low. This means that the v-tech solenoids (also reffered to as spool valves) are reacting to command properly but that the v-tech oil pressure switch (attached to each v-tech valve assy) is reading oil pressure below that which is required to keep v-tech sustained engagement at high rpm.

I would call the shop who did the testing and ask exactly what were the test results. 'Its okay' is not good enough. Get the data. Always get the data when you pay for testing of any part of the car.

Thank you NSXTech. :smile: Could the sending units be bad or faulty? Oil level is good. Oil pressure was between 25lbs(idle) to 75lbs(at speed) when engine was warm. I obviously need a primer on VTEC... Thanks again!