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Home many NSXs have been totaled?

23 January 2002
I was just wondering if anyone knows how many NSX have seen there end. With so few NSXs I wonder how many get totaled and how many of them have salvage titles. There seams to be a lot of crashed up NSXs in the for sale section and on ebay that have been crashed lately. Its a sad way to look at it but every totaled NSX makes ours go up in value.
at least 1 ! :frown:
One guy quoted me 25%.
But I have no way of verifying this.
Fast cars have a high attrition rate.
25% or more would not surprise me.
I was talking to an EMT this morning and he said the he responded to an aid call for a diabetic that slammed his NSX into a tree about 3 months ago, he wasnt sure if it was totaled but from the difficulty they had getting to the battery thru the wreckage i would guess it was :frown:
By the look of all the salvaged titles, I guess they are hard to completely total?
Depends on your definition of "total loss" an insurace company doesnt want to open up a can of worms with alot of these cars they would rather pay the owner and walk away..but then some industrious person comes along and buys it at auction or from the insurance company and gets to work on it and ..sooner or later its on Ebay! :rolleyes: