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Honda Needs To Wake Up!

If the HSC is not NSX successor, V6 350hp sounds good to me.....but IMO NSX successor needs to have something like Mugen V8 (detune to 500hp), and weights 2,800 lbs.
Boy is that thing ugly. I want to like it, because I desperately want a new monster exotic with Japanese reliability and maintenance costs. I don't even care (much) who makes it, as long as someone does. But I just can't stomach the looks.

I know it's under disguise, but the overall proportions cannot be covered up. Long bland hood, high square doors, nothing exotic looking about it at all. Kinda like a squared off verson of the old '93 Supra.

Hopefully this will serve as a shot over Honda's bow and spur them on. Please Honda, come thru for us..
Lexus will make the V10 supercar. It will look nice I'm pretty sure.

Honda need to put 3.5L V12 making over 500HP :D
The LF-A definately has great specs and no doubt will perform very well. The problem is there is just not enough information on it just yet. Knowbody can say if it is a mid engine or front engine. It looks like a front engine, but there is no facts. The entire style sort of looks front engine and so maybe it is. Lexus calls it a GT sports car so that would also make sense it is front engine. Either way, I agree, Honda needs to do something. Long ago when I bought my first Acura Integra, I always dreamed of owing the Legend and couldn't even fathom owning an NSX. Later as I made more money I was able to buy a Legend. Then, all of a sudden a used NSX possibility became a reality. Now after saving and hard work I was able to buy a used NSX a few years ago. My point is I had something to dream about and a goal to work toward. What does Honda have now? Surely while the RL is a nice car I'm not dreaming about it. Honda needs a car that guys like me or guys that are in a situation I once was in can hope to one day own such a spectacular car.
That thing is probably just an upgraded Supra. There are a lot of Supra running around with 500hp already. The shape looks like something of a Vette or a Maranello. Nothing exotic like a HSC. I don't even care how fast it is, it is not appealing to me at all.
A Toyota supercar just doesn't interest me at all. I'm loyal to Honda and a fan of the NSX because of all the racing history that Honda has achieved in the past half century. I guess you could say I'm a motorsports snob and Toyota can't even come close to attaining Honda's prestige in the racing world. I'll keep waiting and hope Honda comes out with another world beater backed by a legendary motorsports pedigree :smile:
I think the Lexus Sports car looks pretty cool and will have incredible power. A reliable sports car with 500HP sounds pretty damn good to me.
I understand what most of you are saying about Lexus's design, I don't think much of it either :biggrin: .

My main concern with Honda and the NSX replacement will be the HP output. I cannot see the 2nd gen NSX (or replacement) being taken seriously if it still only has a v-6 with 350hp or below. Stupid as it might sound, imo it's all about the hp#'s in america.
Hell, Honda has been in a coma for at least 5 years.

The NSX replacement will need at least 450 horsepower to be competitive. The new 997 turbo is rumored to have at least 500 hp and tons of torque and the ZO6 will have 505 hp. These two cars define the high and bottom end of what I expect the market Honda needs to target with its HSC or whatever they call it. If they don't produce those numbers, they might as well hang it up. I definitely won't buy one

This time around the Italians will not be in the crosshairs. I don't think any prospective F430 or Gallardo buyer will even consider the HSC.