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House cleaning & lawn service referral needed...

26 April 2008
Sugar Land, TX
Since I moved to Houston, I have been unable to do or help with basic routine maintenance and cleaning at my home where my parents now stay. I need a good referral for a residential home cleaning service. Who here has a reputable one they use that they can share?

I need to hire a house cleaning service to help upkeep a single-family, single story, 2,000 sq ft home in south Frisco near Stonebriar Mall. My parents are getting up there in years and could use assistance with basic cleaning around the house....two bathrooms (showers, tubs, sinks, toilets, floors, etc...), kitchen (dishes, counters, sink, floors, etc...), main living areas (vacuum, sweep, etc...), and maybe help thrown on a load of laundry every now & then.

Bonus if this service, or another referral, can also help with some routine yard work (mowing, trimming, etc...)

I am ideally wanting a small sole-proprietor service company or individual where I would be talking to the actual person, or their partner, that would be doing the actual work. I am wanting to avoid the typical companies out there (Merry Maids, etc...) because I would prefer to form a trusting long-term business relationship with one person, as opposed to maybe seeing a new different face every few visits due to possible employee turn-over. We don't want to have to go over everything again for each new person that shows up. Also, attention to detail and good communication skills are essential as my parents will be frequently providing instructions of what all needs to be done on any given visit.

Let me know who ya'll use and/or have had good service from.