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Houston, TX - Japanese Super Car Meet - Supra / NSX / RX-7 / Skyline - December 20

yup, that oldie

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If California can do it, so can we!


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I am in on this one. I'll be in the nsx while the wife will follow in her is-f. should make for a good outing.
Where you been!

It has been awhile. In the time passing, I went from being engaged, to a recently being married and we have finally settled into our new home in the woodlands. It's been a roller coaster of events and moves (in and out of apartments while in the process of selling 2 homes in Houston). Now that things and life seems to be settling down, I am looking to dust off the car and get back to the good ol' meet and greets.
doesn't look like it's going to rain tomorrow. see all you guys there. I'm going to be there a little early to go finish my christmas shopping.
Well my car isn't done so I don't know if I'm gonna make it. If I don't you guys have fun and take pics!