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Houston, TX - Toyota Supra/SC300/GS300/NSX/RX-7- Check-In Thread- meet???

8 September 2007
Houston, TX
Ok so it's been a while since all of us have had a meet, this is a good one...

Few are meeting up and wanted to post this on here Prime.

ok odyownage is the op of the thread above in the cartalk forum. There's alot of interest in that thread, so I figured why not make a thread for an actual meet. Whose down? When and where. Come on People let's pick a spot. Anybody down for a spot by the water kemah? Lake Houston? Etc etc, I don't know let's just pick something and get a huge list going. And if it's by the water we can have a roll out from differ parts of town.

I am in no way an organizer I'm just helping what should have got started a long time ago.


Let me know if you guys are down....

Where are all the nsx at??? Come on we havent had a meet this year. Bring those nsx out, winter is over and enjoy the cruise down to clear lake.:biggrin:
I should be there with a couple friends as well, look forward to seeing some NSX's out there!
Did anyone go? How was it?

I went, there were some really nice modified cars there and PERFECT weather. Meet didn't last too long though, as soon as the 3 widebodies left it kind of fell apart shortly after. TunerlifestyleTV was there so they should have some pics up soon. I'll put up a link if I catch them on their site.