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how do i convert a video tape into a vid file

1 July 2005
Cypress, CA
i have a video of our PCH/Laguna beach cruise that i wanted to show everyone. Unfortunately the camera i was using recorded on video tape. I need to know how to convert this into a video file. if anyone can give me some advice it'll be worth it. the video is awesome. thanks
You first need a A/D converter (or analog video input in your computer) to make it digital, then put the file in a movie editing program, edit it, compress it to a reasonable data size and publish it on your website or a movie hosting site. If you never done that before you should search for a tutorial on the web.
Need a little more info than this. Nearly all video cameras record on to tape...but which kind does yours? If it uses miniDV or Digital8, you can digitally transfer it to computer over Firewire (IEEE1394) cable, assuming your computer has such an interface. If you don't, your next option is to have a video capture device that can take any camcorder's analog video out (usually via standard composite cables, but many accept S-Video...only useful if your camcorder outputs S-Video of course).

Once you have the video file on your computer, there are many file formats and compression standards to choose from. The stuff sent over Firewire is typically encoded in the camcorder's native DV codec, but files of this type tend to be too large to share on the Net.