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How do you remove the trim piece above the doors and atop the A-pillar?

10 October 2004
1993 NSX

How do I remove this trim piece?

I searched the Acura parts diagram and it looks like a 3 year old child drew the diagram. I was hoping to simply 'see' how the trim piece was attached... either with clips or nuts, or both.

This is an expensive part and hard to find. So I do not want to just go yanking on it without knowledge of exactly how it is attached.

The guy I purchased the car from 10 years ago had the roof painted red. I want to re-paint the roof back to oem black. I also want to update the micro rubber weather stripping. I intend to do this job right, by removing the windshield and all associated rubber and trim so nearly no taping is required. I already have a backup windshield on hand and all the oem windshield rubber to reinstall.


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Page 20-20 in the manual should be a good start
Thank you very much for this assistance. And for the page numbers and the PDF. That was kind of you!
I've been meaning to look that up anyway because mine have some clear coat and sun fade that needs to get painted this winter. Thanks for the motivation. :)
I'm happy to learn this trim piece is held on with 9 screws and not 9 clips (which would most certainly break). This will be easy to remove.