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How many of you ....

well, I'm sure you know that the NSX was intended to be a driveable, liveable, everyday supercar.
I actually had it as an only car for about half a year. I have no complains

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While the NSX is a very well-behaved car, I must say that if you can't afford two cars, you probably can't afford an NSX either. Get an old Civic to go with your NSX. There will be days where you won't want to drive the NSX, either because of the weather or because of where you're going.

-Bob ('94 NSX, '87 CRX Si)
You'd be amazed at how civil and comfortable the NSX is for driving around. It's currently not my daily driver(due to the weather here in Seattle), but as a daily driver, it could easily be as driveable as a Civic. When the weather becomes warmer, specifically during the summer, I intend to make my NSX my daily driver. I'm totally regretting not driving my NSX enough during this past summer.
Originally posted by socal28:
have your NSX as your only car???
I would love to have a NSX, but really can't afford two nice cars! Is it ok to have the NSX as your everyday car?

My NSX is (and will stay) my only car. I looked at a lot of exotic sports cars before buying it, and realized it was the only exotic that truly fits the bill as a daily driver.

The posts that mentioned there are times you don't want to drive the NSX all refer to weather as the reason why. As you are in So. Cal (like myself), that shouldn't be an issue for you.

Heck, on Monday I took the top off and drove a couple hours in the NSX "just to drive".. (Up the coast & then into the mountains to enjoy a great set of twisties.. Old Topanga Road is heaven!!)

There's plenty of room in the trunk for the basics, I usually drop $130-150 on groceries and have never had a problem fitting them all in.

The longer I've owned the NSX, the more I look forward to longer and longer drives in it.

I wholeheartedly agree with Marc (SpeedDemon). I had an NSX as my only daily driver for several years and found it to be excellent. No mechanical issues, decent milage, easy to drive in traffic and comfortable on long trips. The trunk is a bit small, but it is as large and functional as that on any other sports car. Occasionally, you may have to be a bit creative on caring large items (Marc had to carry home a box with part of the turbo kit I sold him in the passenger seat, for example), but it is not a real issue in my opinion. Just know you will not be able to run down to The Home Depot and drag home a load of plywood.

On a philosophical note, I think that is what the designers intended - a performance car you could live with everyday. Here in Texas, we get all kinds of weather, except snow, and I had no hesitation driving my NSX in any conditions. Just take the same care in the ran that you would with any other high hp/low weight car.

Enjoy life; you are not going to end up on your death bed with your only regret being 'damn, I wish my car had a bigger trunk.'

Originally posted by SpeedDemon:
My NSX is (and will stay) my only car.

You said it. The NSX is a car that is too damn cool NOT to drive it daily.

Heck, on Monday I took the top off and drove a couple hours in the NSX "just to drive".. (Up the coast & then into the mountains to enjoy a great set of twisties.. Old Topanga Road is heaven!!)

Crap! I did the EXACT same thing on Monday. I had a coworker beggin' me for a ride, so I obliged. I took him for a lunch hour spin up PCH to Topanga, Topanga to 101, and so forth...only catch was that I got stuck behind a slow-moving Tercel for a large chunk of the way and then, when I had a chance to pass, got stuck behind a slow moving pickup truck.

The weather was fricken awesome, wasn't it? Couldn't imagine NOT having an open top car in SoCal. I didn't want to return to the office.

Hey...maybe we should get together with Mr. Flying-Low-tus and hit the twisties before grabbing lunch. Perhaps sometime next week? E-mail me privately

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."


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I bought my NSX with the sole intention of using it as my daily driver. Well, I've done even more than drive it daily. I have put 17,000 miles on it in 10 months which also includes 1,800 track miles. So far it has been the best and most reliable sports car that I've owned.

I forgot to mention that I also have "weekend only car!"

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I agree with Flaminio, its probably cheaper on your insurance if you have one as a beater too. You can say thats your daily driver.

I drive:
'94 NSX
'89 MR2

They are both fun, so I really don't mind which one I drive.
Dman, I e-mailed you a couple of pics of my '95 S351 Conv't and NSX. Hope you liked them.
I'm with kenjiMR and Flaminio. I have a 97 GS-R 4-door as my "beater", and I have to say, there have been many days where I've been glad I had an additional car to take to "shady" areas of town. For example, right now I've got jury duty, and I'd hate to have to take my NSX to downtown and park it next to all the riff-raff. (Wink, wink)
Plus, on rainy days just after I had the thing cleaned, I didn't have to worry about my NSX getting dirty so fast.
And to top it off, the little 4-door is just outright fun to drive sometimes. (And cheaper to add mods, and experiment with before I work on the NSX.)


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1999 3.2TL
I also concur with flaminio. I'd be totally stressed out leaving the NSX unattended in those really marginal neighborhood dives that I frequent to get the best ribs, mexican, dim sum, whatever... (Heck, Emile's is a nice French restaurant in SV in a marginal neighborhood!)

I used to work at a company with huge parking stalls, so using the NSX as a daily driver worked well there. Since I moved to a .com (yes we're still alive and raised $125M in the midst of the current carnage!), the parking stalls are terribly small so I wouldn't even think of taking the NSX there...

In summary, if you aren't stressed out by the inevitable dings, vandalism, and wear-and-tear that befall a daily driver, then you're well suited for using the NSX as a daily driver - the car is more than reliable and practical enough.


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My NSX is my daily driver and only vehicle right now (and for the past 4 months). I sold my Xterra and have kept the NSX as my only vehicle. I was going to see how it went and if it became a problem I would have picked up another vehicle to drive when I didn't want to drive my NSX.

Well...4 months of it being my daily driver (in the NW no less) and I have had no desires to drive anything else, nor want anything else. I don't expect that to change as we move ever close to summer again

The only thing that gets me, and I can't figure it out, is no matter where I park my car, or how far away, whenever I get back to it, there is at least one huge truck or SUV parked next to it. It is really amazing how this happens most every time, I don't get it... heh.
My daily driver unfortunately is being chauffeured around by UNITED. So when I’m home I drive my NSX every minute I can weather permitting.

After having my mistress for 18 months and putting on 10,000 miles, I wouldn’t have any other car, period. If the weather or the environment doesn’t lend itself to taking the NSX I drive my wife’s SLK320 or my son’s Accord. If I didn’t have that option then I agree I would own another beater, probably a truck so I could pick up my mods.
hey guys,

I would love to have read all the replies but I am pressed for time. As a P.O. I have very little money to use. My NSX is currently my only car and I cannot afford a second car at the moment. I admit the car is a great everyday car if you think of the NSX as a regular everyday car. But I love my NSX and hate bringing it anywhere where I have to park next to...well...."average cars". Not to say I am better than anyone, But the NSX, despite what my girlfriend says, is not really an everyday car. In other words, when I take her (the NSX) anywhere I am paranoid about dings, thieves, and just plain jerks that would do harm to the NSX. But until I can get that second car my NSX is good to me. But if you can get a little used Honda on the side it would be great. But since my girlfriend is getting a used Honda or hopefully an Integra that wont be much of an issue.
Actually, for me to say the NSX is my only car is not entirely true. My wife has a Civic...and we DO drive her car whenever the parking, road, and other environmental conditions look questionable.
I could not own an nsx without a beater. But there are definate advantages primarily not having to get your nsx out in inclimate weather, or driving to questionable places. Besides, insurance will be less when its not your primary driver. My rates run around $743/6mths and that includes 3 cars, the 87 being the beater.
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