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How Much For 91 With Only 500 Miles

If you're going to collect it as a museum piece...


If you're looking for a daily driver, or even weekend driver...


Let the museum piece remain a museum piece, it'll win car shows in 30 years as an all original piece of history. Don't start driving the heck out of it now.... you'll freak out way too much when you start to see wear too...

save, buy a 97T you can really have fun with.
I don't understand how it would be a museum piece. I can see that if it was a Zanardi, but a regular '91?

My '05 has 200 miles now. If I don't drive it and let it sit, will it become a museum piece as well? :confused:
first year of the production run = value down the road

the fact that alot of people buy and run lots of miles on 91's only helps it's collectability

like when you click on an autoshow on TV and their talking about an all original first year corvette with like 1200 miles sort of thing
There were more '91s built than any other model year I believe. I've seen classic mercedes with gazillion miles that had been restored to new condition, those are considered museum pieces as well with a hefty price tag to match.

We don't even know the color combo or tranny (auto/manual) of this car. There was a '91 that was recently available for sale with 1,200 miles, it was black/black but had an auto tranny.
RyRy210 said:
My '05 has 200 miles now. If I don't drive it and let it sit, will it become a museum piece as well? :confused:
Last year of production- I'd say so.
It looks like you might have a nice find with that 500 mile NSX. That car must be in museum condition. Perfect inside and out. Some posts show concerns with lack of usage. Valid concerns, but you can change fluids, belts and hoses. Heck, even NSX that are driven regularly have problems. Depreciation - sure - all NSXs depreciate (hopefully that turns around when production ends). $55K CDN is about $44K USD. That's reasonable for what's basically a brand new NSX. Buy it, drive it, love it. I would if I was shopping for another one.
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I would not pay a large premium over a nicely kept 91 with 20 or 30K miles, unless you plan to continue storing it. It is worth a premium today only because of the low miles. As soon as you put 20K miles on it, it will be worth what any 91 with 20K is worth.

In 95 I bought an 88 Porsche with 6K miles on it and I found myself reluctant to drive it because I didn't want it to have average milage.

That said, passion for cars is illogical. Do what makes you happy.
RyRy210 said:
I don't understand how it would be a museum piece. I can see that if it was a Zanardi, but a regular '91?

My '05 has 200 miles now. If I don't drive it and let it sit, will it become a museum piece as well? :confused:
Why would a Zanardi become a museum piece if the 1991 would not? The Zanardi is nothing more than a Type S. :rolleyes:
55k CDN is around the same as 40k USD. We have a 6.5% import duty and there would be other charges such as bank fees, DRL costs, a/c tax, tire tax, import charges, and sticker costs.
I'm meeting with the owner this weekend to discuse the price and posible purchase. He is not 100%sure he's going to sell at this point which is why I think it will take a high offer for him to sell. I don't know after reading all the comments here what I'm going to do. My wife says buy it and keep mine but what to do in the winter? I know some are saying must be tuff but I am just a tech not a Dr. so money is a big part of this. I will know by next week for sure.
Well he told me he would sell if he got the right price and $55k wasn't it. After discussing what drug or alcohol problem he must have to think its worth over $60k I left. He called me and said if he at some time decides that he'll drop his price I'll be the first he calls. I told him that unless he calls in the next 24 hours my offer will be lower. Nice car but he has to face the facts of newer Nsx's are better and no more money.
I don't think it will ever increase in value. There are to few NSX collectors out there...If you want it buy it, but not for more than 40k...my 2cents :biggrin:
It might be worth 59k if it's a private deal and you save the Provincial sales tax. If you are in Alberta forget what I just wrote.

New cars are very expensive for what you get but there is a point where the warranty gives you peace of mind or maybe for just a little more you can pick up a used 911 TT or in a few years a Gallardo.

Last year I bought a used BMW because I could not find an NSX in Canada for a reasonable price.

Edit: It might be few years before a Gallardo is 80k as they are 240k new.
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500 miles is great - like new ... 1991 is not new - it's 14 years old. Things age even without use. I'd say $42k max, unless you view it as a "collectors item". In that case maybe $45k?

I'm a recent new owner in SoCal, 1992 red/black, stock with some miles, but a beauty.
actual value in Canada is between $45k and $50k for excellent 91. high milers and poor conition ones are high $30's and the rest are low to mid $40's for ones with around 40 t0 50,000 miles. They aren't cheap here. And by the time you import one they are right up there with our prices. Yes you may find the odd one that someone had to dump for a low price but not many. I paid $44k for mine a year ago with 40k miles. Oh well I'll just keep mine and continue to drive it. I plan on putting 5,000 miles on it when I go on vacation in 3 weeks so it will be just over 50,000 mile when we return home.
I don't think that placing a car on a jack stand is the proper way to store a vehicle, that would be placing alot of strain on the suspension with the tires hanging by gravity, unless the tires were taken off during storage. This is why I'm contemplating getting a 4 post lift vs. a 2 post lift. I agree that if you were to buy the car it would be a shame to drive it, being such a collector model. If you want to make it a daily driver, I'd just buy a high mileage '97+ NSX.

I looked carefully at importing from the US and at the current exchange rates and the cost of cars in the US it's a great opportunity. You save 1000s on an NSX. I'm looking for one now.

With the current exchange rates it's about a 15% premium. Add the %6.1 duty if the car is not mfg in N.A. , $150 fees and the AC tax of $100 and your done. You have to pay GST/PST as required by your province no matter what anyway.

It's easy to do, specially if you can drive it back and save up to $2K for careful shipping.

I imported two vehicles and it's a piece of cake if the car doesn't need any modifications and Honda/ Acura products do not.

RyRy210 said:
My '05 has 200 miles now. If I don't drive it and let it sit, will it become a museum piece as well? :confused:

Hell yes it will...last year made?....a 1969 Z28 original non restored with 700miles went for 250k at auction this year....

This 91 NSX is a very collectible car being that it is first year and crazy low miles/KM.....If you got somewhere to store it ..buy IT ..if you don't ,ask your friends or other NSX fans if they want a collector car..
I'd buy it....if you pass on it let me know please ;)