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How rare are coupes after '97?

15 January 2002
Bellevue, WA, US
I think the rigidity/weight of the coupe combined with the extra HP of the post 97 models would be a great combo. However I never see coupes for sale. I'm starting to think that only a handful exist.

Anyone know how rare they are, and does the fact that its a coupe affect the sale price?
97+ Coupes are fairly rare, since they were mostly special order. Seems most Americans like the option of taking off the roof, although some purists argue that the added weight and slight loss of rigidity goes against the original design intent of the elves at Honda.

As for price, its impossible to tell; the NSX market, especially the post 96 market, is quite small in comparison to other makes/models. It all boils down to a willing seller of a Coupe finding a willing buyer. As for me, I would pay a premium for a post 96 Coupe since I like the Coupe so much. However, I'm an oddball in more ways than one...
50 Zanardi NSX's were sold in 1999, all coupes. They pop up for sale from time to time. One is up on eBay now, and Acura of Greenwich has another for sale.

In 97-98, 4-5 coupes were sold per year. Excluding the Z-NSX, numbers for later years were probably similar. Very rare.

I agree with DeHaldaswerth; the production numbers are too small to make any generalizations on price relative to the -T.
I know of a Zanardi for sale in Washington state with 5k miles.

Please e-mail me if you are interested.
All 200 2002s are Ts. Looks like my '98M Red/Blk Coupe isn't listed.
Originally posted by MAJOR STONER:
All 200 2002s are Ts. Looks like my '98M Red/Blk Coupe isn't listed.

There are several possible reasons to explain that:

1. The statistics are for cars sold in the U.S. market. Perhaps yours was originally sold in Canada. You can verify one way or the other by checking the VIN; the 12th character is a "0" for U.S. market cars, an "8" for Canadian cars.

2. Perhaps your car isn't a 1998. The 10th character of the VIN should be "W" for a 1998 car.

3. Perhaps a previous owner swapped an original tan interior for a black interior.

4. Perhaps the statistics are wrong.
My '00 Coupe in Silverstone with a body colored top from the factory is one of 2 for that year. I think there was also a black coupe in '00.
I'm probably a typical American consumer. I would have gone with a porsche or S2000 if I couldn't get open air driving in my '97 NSX-T. I'm interested in pure driving joy more than performance, body ridgidity, or purity of the original designers concept. Not that I'd own a chopped NSX, but the factory 'T' is one of my primary reasons for purchasing the car that I did.