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How's this for $5,900??

17 August 2000
San Gabriel, CA
Hey guys! I was surfing eBay, and saw two NSX's on eBay which is salvage...one has front end damage, mirrors kicked off....the right side door is all scraped up...and the rear quarter panel is ripped off, but it appears to have no frame damage....but....aside from that one...there was another one...and boy....I'll let the pictures speak for itself!



That's just a light hit, easy rebuild.

That picture looks like it was taken at a salvage dealership on 72nd St in Miami.
What the hell happened to that X?

Well I know from experience that things are never the same after an accident. I wouldn't even put the time or money into that kind of project. Just my $.02
It looks like he managed to crunch every single body panel on the car. That deserves SOME kind of award...
Hey Lud,
I think this deserves to go in the "Crash & Burn" section of your site once we can track down the VIN of that NSX. I really wanna know what exactly happened to it.
That's what happens when you drive with almost no rubber on your left rear and even less on your right rear.
You guys are missing the fact that thats just the current bid... This is the second time this vehicle has been through EBAY, the first time the price reached 9100, and the reserve still wasn't met
.... Crazy .. I wonder how the poor bastard rolled it anyhow.

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