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Hugabuga Window Fix Road Show!

Is he fully booked for today?

How much is the additional install? I'm interested :)

We had the shop packed solid from 10a - 7pm today with NSX's.
He charges $400.00 Installed including parts or you can buy his
kit for $200.00
Thanks to everyone for coming out today. We all pulled together to retrofit 9 NSXs with smooth, speedy windows! And a big thank you to Hugo for making this all happen. His kit is top quality as is his work and knowledge :)
Awesome time! I'm sore and a bit sticky, but most good times result in that. :D I took a few pics I'll upload later.
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Wish I could have made it out today but I got busy at work.

Do you guys have a link for his kit? I imagine it is somewhat of a DIY.

Glad 9 more of you guys have speedy windows... I'm still living in 91 lol
Shame that I missed this. My windows work fine, but it would have been nice to meet you guys.
^ Everyones windows here worked fine, however, after removing the tracks discovered that the guides were brittle and broken / missing on NSX's as new as 2002.

Get ready for a $800+ fix per door by NOT doing this preventative maintenance.

Yours being a 1993, I guarantee at least 1/2 of your guides are broken and in the bottom of your door panel.