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I am straight! pics to prove it

30 October 2000
Houston, TX
Well, ok, maybe I walk a little crooked, but my back tires are now straight! :eek: I remember some local guys joking around about my tires. How they would look brand new, but you could look inside and the inner edge would be completely bald. No more! Ayotte Technologies Camber Correction Installed!!!!!!

So, the story begins with my friend Matt and I taking a little trip to Dallas this past weekend. We met up at a gas station about 6:30am, yes, am, on a Saturday....and off we went. The 4 hour drive took us a mere 3 hours. No/little traffic and some open roads let us open up a little.

Got to Dallas, and met with Mike(BiKeViL) at his shop. Thom of Ayotte Technologies was about an hour away(Thank you again Thom for driving out to meet me!), so Mike was kind enough to take us out to eat some brunch. I didn't even know this, but Mike's shop wasn't even open on Saturday, but he took time out of his schedule and time away from his family, and spent most of the day with us. (Thank you again Mike!)

After bunch, headed back to the shop and started prepping my car to under go some serious suspension surgery! Thom showed up just in time and we dove right in. Thom wasted no time and before long, one side was done. Onto the next side, we had to use a little muscle. This is where I stepped to the side and let Mike and Thom flex their stuff. Wait, disregard that comment, I'm straight, remember. :smile:

Installation was pretty simple and straight forward. It's the tools and the men doing the install that really made it look too easy. The only hard part I noticed, was aligning the parts to be pressed into the control arm. Keep in mind, they did this without removing the control arms. It's aluminum, and it's from a NSX, so it's gonna be expensive, right? Thom and Mike took their time and were really patient to get everything in perfectly.

I had a little problem with my spacers/longer wheel studs, but I will disregard that since it won't apply to anyone else.

After that was situated, I bolted the wheels on(this is where I stepped in :smile: ). Thom and I lowered the car off the jack stands and..........uh oh, why does my car look like that?! My car looked bowlegged. I mean, I am from Texas ya'll, but still, I've never been on a horse, and I don't walk bowlegged....neither should my car. :tongue:

Thom had me back the car out and drive it back in. He then hopped underneath and started adjusting my camber and tow. After some adjustments, everything straightened out, and I was a happy camper! My tires where actually sitting flat!

As it looks right now, just by eyeing it, it appears to be at negative 1 degree. Alignment to come this weekend and I can report exact stats then. On the 4 hour drive back, I didn't notice any problems, besides when I would drive over uneven payment. The car would sway a little bit. On a smooth stretch, at 80mph, I let go of the steering wheel, and the car was perfectly straight for a good 30 seconds! Pretty good alignment by hand from Thom!

Anyways, I'm sure everyone is bored read this, so I'll get to the pics.....and here we go:

BEFORE(-3.5+ camber)



After washing some bugs off








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Cool. Not only are you straight, you are no longer going to be bald (on the inside) :biggrin:
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You get an online smack for letting a NSX get that dirty.
Thanks guys! :smile:

Yes, the car was filthy! The brakes dust like a mad man and we got rained on the way there. Plus, my work, I go to construction areas sometimes. :redface:

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I'm on Bilstein/Eibach coilovers(fully height adjustable). The car is lowered about 2.5 inches. You can barely fit your finger inbetween the wheel and the fender. :wink:
Hey guys

I have no affiliation with the seller (Thom) but I am a believer in his camber correction kit. I've seen the OP's car before and after and he shouldn't have the inner tire wear issues as frequently now.

Anyway, 2 thumbs up to you Thom.
What happened to your other car with the Iforged and WW kit? It was one of nicest and cleanest ones on here.

That car was returned to stock and sold to KooLaid(fellow NSX Primer) because I was in the market to purchase a new house. Well, I couldn't live without a NSX, so I bought this 91 from another local NSXer.

Mods are slowly coming along, other expenses are taking priority. :frown:

Thanks for the compliments! :smile:
When the suspension is compressed, is there any clearance between the sidewall and fender well since in some pics they both look flush? Just wondering if there are any rubbing issues.
When the suspension is compressed, is there any clearance between the sidewall and fender well since in some pics they both look flush? Just wondering if there are any rubbing issues.

When suspension is compressed, there is -ZERO- rubbing! I made a 4 hour trip from Dallas to Houston with Matt in my passenger seat, and we hit some dips and some bumps traveling at a high rate of speed. Not once did the tires rub. I believe, under load, the wheel "cambers" inward, so it does not rub. :smile:

nice!! what size are the rear tires?

Thanks, the rears are 19x10's and the tires are 275/30/19's!

If your straight, why do you only have pics of the rear? ;)

Haha, I admit, the NSX looks sexy from the back! Actually, any angle. I was just trying to show how straight the rear tires were. :tongue: