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12 March 2001
I bought the 92 nsx i posted the message about last week. i looked at several cars and this one is the nicest i have seen. all orginal with only two small rock chips on the front nose down low. it has 34k orginal miles and no aftermarket peices ever installed. handles like a dream and runs like new. i think i will take it in for a new timing belt next week. i will post some pictures here later in the week when i find my digital camera it seems to have walked off somewhere. later for now-------steve
Congrats man and welcome to the club.
timing belt at 34k miles? seems a bit early, but it is over 7 years... well its better safe then sorry. A friend of mine bought a 93 prelude with 130k miles. the owner said the timing belt was changed at 115K. Last week the timing belt broke at 135k and it turned out it has never been changed. the result; 14 bent valves.
timing belt at 34k miles? seems a bit early, but it is over 7 years...

More like 9 years for a '92, no?

The manual says 90,000 miles or six years, whichever comes first.
An easy way to determine if the timing belt has been changed would be to go to the dealer the seller had used for service. Hopefully the seller provided you with receipts showing which dealer was used. Acura Dealers show warranty work regionally and customer pay by individual dealership only. If you provide your VIN the dealer can check for any repairs done at their location. I found out some history this way on an NSX that helped me with the purchase.

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anytime's way is probably the best but if no service can be found, have a mechanic look at the timing belt. they can usually tell by seeing if the bolts and such has been wrenched at to see if the belt has been taken off or not. again, not a 100% method!
If the water pump was replaced in '97 or later (the water pump is commonly replaced along with the timing belt) then the lower timing belt cover will have been replaced or modified to accomodate a design change in the pump. Failing anything else, you can have your mechanic check for that.

If you have the original timing belt lower cover, and can find no other indication it has been changed, I would replace it.