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I bought the NSX instead of the Boxster S...

1 March 2001
Nashville, Tennessee USA
First off, I appreciate everyone's input into the question I posed several weeks back about whether I should buy an NSX or a Boxster S. It got me thinking that the NSX was the better choice for me right now.

I had planned to buy a '95-'97 NSX, but a good friend of mine just bought a new Lexus SC430, so he offered me his 18,300 mile, absolutely pristine 1991 NSX. It's red with black interior, has all the books and records, and is one of those never driven in the rain, 99 point cars that rarely comes along. I can't believe how nice the car is, and I'm incredibly anal about all my cars.

Since I saved $$$ by purchasing the '91 instead of a '95-'97, I can still keep my '99 Z3 Coupe that's so much to fling about, and I have a CLK430 Cab for those days the top needs to come off, so the Targa, I guess, really wasn't the necessity I thought it would be after all.

I do plan on buying a set of aftermarket 17"front /18" rear wheels, so any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thanks again!
AWESOME!! 18.3K miles!!!

Looks like with all the money you saved, you can buy a real kick ass set of wheels (and other mods)!!

First off, do you like mesh wheels, or spoke (5, 6, or 7) wheels? That's a pretty good place to start.

Myself, I've always taken a liking to 5-spoke modular wheels.



1995 NSX-T
1997 Integra GS-R 4-dr
1999 3.2TL
Re what kind of wheels I like - that's hard to say. I have a set of 17" polished BBS RC's on my Montreal Blue Z3 Coupe and a set of 18" contoured 5 spoke TGF MX's on my CLK.

That said, I'm thinking a nice set of 5 or 6 spokes would be my preferred choice right now for my NSX. I'd love to see some pictures of the HRE 6 spokes if anyone here has any. That wheel sure looks nice in all the pictures I've ever seen.

BTW (FuryNSX), I do like your wheels - can you tell me more about them, such as where to buy, tire sizes you used, etc...
Originally posted by Mike O:

I had planned to buy a '95-'97 NSX, but a good friend of mine just bought a new Lexus SC430, so he offered me his 18,300 mile, absolutely pristine 1991 NSX.


I am struggling between a '97+ NSX or a new SC430. My name is getting close to the top of the list at my Lexus dealer.

Why did your buddy go to the SC? How does he like it so far? I have a problem with the back seat
. It is mostly useless and it restricts how far you can recline the front seats. I'm also not crazy about the wheels. I do understand it drives beautifully. Anyway, if you have any comments about this, I would really appreciate it.

Also, can you divulge the price you paid for the NSX?


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Re the SC430, my friend, John (who sold me his NSX), has not yet received the car - I believe it comes in at the end of this week, perhaps even today. I saw several at the Lexus dealership late last week, and if I were in the market for a luxury GT cruiser (like the Lexus is), I would personally recommend you buy a CLK430 Cab like I've got instead of the SC430. At least it has a usable back seat, and with the 4.3 V8 (with 275 hp) it's certainly no slouch. Probably handles better than the Lexus as well. Automobile magazine just compared the CLK430 Cab, the Jag XK8 Convertible and the Lexus SC430, and the Mercedes won the comparison test.

If you personally are choosing between the NSX and the Lexus, I'd choose the NSX. In my opinion, the Lexus is a top-down GT cruiser for the "more mature" generation (if you know what I mean), and quite possibly has the ugliest looking wheels I've ever seen. It will be quite the novelty for some time, being new and all, but I don't like the car.

Re the NSX, I paid my friend $36,000 for it. 18,300 miles and in 99+ point condition.
Congratulations! You ought to join the NSX Club and plan a get-together with the four other club members in Nashville, maybe even invite the other six members from the rest of the state.

You didn't by any chance buy the car from a Dr. R. F. in Goodlettsville, did you? (He's a club member with a nice red '91.)

Also keep in mind that NSXPO 2001 in October will be an easy one-day drive for you...
Mike O,

The wheels are 5Zigen 5ZR Copse wheels, 17x7.5 (F) and 18x10 (R) with 215/40-17 and 265/35-18 Dunlop SP9000s. I got them at a Discount Tire here in San Diego. Chris W got a set also, and he's out in Arizona. I wouldn't exactly know where to go in Tennessee.

I'd agree with you on the "new" SC430. I don't think the car is all that attractive. I'm not all that into French Riviera styling. Actually, my personal feelings about it are, well,....um, if you can't say something nice, then..... IMHO, the previous generation SC was a much better looking car.


1995 NSX-T
1997 Integra GS-R 4-dr
1999 3.2TL
I also bought a pristine '91 NSX here in the UK Red with Black roof and interior, but with 3,000 miles from new! This car is totally pristine, with full history. I decided this was too good to miss and I traded my lovely 58,000 mile 1988 944 Turbo S which I had for 10 years, that was a great car, however it was time to move on. I decided that the NSX meets the Supercar credentials and was built properly (i.e. porsche build quality, ferrari looks)> Here in the UK the NSX is an overlooked car with people preferring the allure of the Porsche/BMW/Mercedes badges so the only clubs are US based.
Keep the good work up and nice buy Mike O.
"Here in the States, "Porsche build quality" is NOT a compliment."

While I agree in principle with the statement, the 944 was the top of the list of cars with fewest problems reported for many years (before Lexus!), although I do not know the history of the turbo's.

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan