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I really hate that Video!! That Video sucks!!

30 March 2001
OK, in this site, there is Video File section. There is Video File called "Top Gear video review of NSX". That Video sucks! They are talking shit about NSX and making bad image about NSX!! Thay says NSX's 0-60mile is 5.9secs(almost 6.0secs)!! Car and Driver says 4.5secs and Road&Truck says 4.7secs. Well, that video is old but why do they say NSX's interior is NOTHING FUTURISTIC??? They says NSX's interior is nothing good? nothing special? That Video is probably 1991 or something and NSX debut in 1990!!! There was nothing better interior than NSX in 1990!! What is better interior than NSX? Ferrari? Lamborghini? There was no better cars in 1990 model!!!!

Well, here is my solution.
That guy is rascist and he probably hates all of Japanese cars and Japanese products. For example, Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic, Sanyo, Toshiba, Sharp, NEC, etc...

I love NSX but there wasn't better car which had better interior in 1990. THAT VIDEO IS SO RASCIST AND SUCKS!!!
First off, the video was made in 1991the same year the NSX came out. A 0-60 time of 5.9 is very realistic in comparison to the Road and Track and Car and Driver who both recorded 0-60 times of 5.8 seconds. The 0-60 figures you are giving are for the newer version of the NSX with the 3.2 liter engine.

Second, the interior of the NSX isn't anything special. Its very nice and ergonomical but doesn’t stand out in any way. The S2000’s instrument panel IS futuristic with its liquid crystal display and all. The NSX's display is not very far removed from that of a prelude. Tiff Needell didn't say the interior wasn't good just that it wasn't exciting.

Also, as far as giving the NSX a bad name, I don't think so. Quotes like "It performs brilliantly", "It really is a beautiful engine to drive", and "Almost a faultless car." seem to suggest that Mr. Needell holds the NSX in quite high regards. As far as his "derogatory" comments go, he seems to have been right on when compared to the public's reaction to the NSX. It’s a great car, just not quite as radical and impractical as say a Lamborghini Countach.

Most importantly, Calling Mr. Needell a racist after viewing a 7 minute clip of him evaluating a car is completely unprofessional and uncalled for. I think it is extreme arrogance to believe that you can judge someone personal beliefs like that after seeing him drive a car on your computer screen for less than 420 seconds. Tiff Needell is one of the best TV automotive journalists around. If you have ever watched a complete "Top Gear" program, you would understand. He actually reviews cars based on the criteria that an auto enthusiast care about, and does it in a most entertaining way. He has had many years of auto racing experience. Lastly, Mr. Needell was just giving his opinion of the NSX, and his opinion is going to be different form your opinion or my opinion. Just because those opinions are different (albeit, slightly) is no reasons to rush to conclusions about a person’s beliefs. And even if you still believe that Mr. Needell is wrong and hates the NSX, that is not your problem because it is HIS loss, not YOUR loss. You can keep right on loving your NSX and don’t worry what anybody thinks about it.
Mugen Power: You are entitled to your opinion. Now here is mine - you win my award for the most ridiculous post I've ever seen on this site and I object to your use of profanity. Racist? What absolute nonsense.

The NSX Model List Page
If you've watched TopGear over the years, there is a trend though against japanese (and other foreign) cars. Especially Jeremy (tall dude) kicks everything which is not english. Too bad he left the show though, since the humor these people have is fantastic.
It's not a personal thing for Tiff or Jeremy, its just a english thing. I've been working with a lot of english, and they explained to me that most english just don't like japanese stuff (must be a war thing???).

But then, this has nothing to do with racism.

I personaly rate TopGear very high, much better then the local stuff here, where they only show the latest 'opel astra OPC' saying its a beast.....god.....

Originally posted by sjs:
I must have missed the profane part, but that was certainly the most juvenile and poorly executed rant yet.

I'll avoid referencing the profanity while applauding your hitting the nail on the head: "the most juvenile and poorly executed rant yet". Thanks for stating it so well!

The NSX Model List Page
A 0-60 time of 5.9 is very realistic in comparison to the Road and Track and Car and Driver who both recorded 0-60 times of 5.8 seconds.

Not true. Motor Trend (Aug '91) is the only magazine which recorded times as high as 5.8 seconds, and that was for an automatic. Typical tested times for the early five-speed NSX's were 5.2 to 5.4 seconds:

AutoWeek 8/26/91 5.3
Car & Driver 9/90 5.2
Motor Trend 12/90 5.4
Sports Car International 12/90 5.03
Have any of you guys watched his review of the McLaren F1? That was truly a sight to see. It looked like he was about to soil his pants on a number of occasion.

I've downloaded it and watched it a few times. Watching that car around the track never gets old.
Originally posted by ilya:
Have any of you guys watched his review of the McLaren F1?

Most definetely, i've never seen him more happy driving a car!

BTW, you got a link to that video, i surely like to see that one again!


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There was a thread back on NSXSC that pointed to a page with tons of those videos including that one. It's been so long I don't remember which thread it was. I will try to sift throught it and see if I could find it again.
I would email it to you, but it's a very large file.