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I refuse to pay $4 a pop!

26 April 2001
Columbus, Ohio
Does anyone know where to find these type of light bulbs for our Hondas? Honda wants to charge us an arm and a leg for something so cheap, but I have no idea where else to get them.
Aren't those the instrument cluster lights like the ones below? I can't tell from the picture if it's a twist lock socket base.


They are $1.79 from www.superbrightleds.com. The nice thing about that bulb if you buy it from that site is that it will be an LED and will be very bright and will not burn out. It's the T1.5 bulb and it runs $1.79 with the base.
I found it very hard to find a proper replacement, which fits snug, and also has the same wattage/voltage. Remember though that some of them bulbs are rated at 12V and some at 14.4V ,so it sometimes seems you got the wrong replacement, but if you do some simple math, you'll find out you got the proper one.
If you look around you can find the bulbs themselves in a store, but they might have a little different color. Thats why i would buy them OEM for that price. Its not worth the hassle IMO.
They are much smaller than the ones used in the instrument cluster, and I was able to find those at NAPA. These are used for all the little switches located around our cars. The problem is I need ~10 or more of these things. It starts to add up unless you buy in bulk. Typically a bulb of this calliber should cost $0.40, not $4.00!