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Ideas and opinions needed on new list of nsx parts

8 March 2006
I feel there is a need for a thread of NSX parts and their weights on a list. I started to create it then decided that it is best to settle on a format and rules before doing so, so I am asking for input and help here.

My idea is to create a simple list of parts on a thread with their weights from members that have weighed their various parts. For example it would go like this:

Bumper beam- 1993- front- 28.3 pounds
Brake caliper- 1995- fronts- 9.3 KG
Strut- 2005- right front: 11.5 pounds

Here are some rules I am thinking of. Please add your input:

1) Since we have an international group weights can be posted by pounds or KG. conversion is easy.

2) always list model year of the car it came off of

3) always copy and paste the list. As the list grows, it is always the latest, most up to date and corrected one. If you want to know the weight of something, simply go to the last post on the thread.

4) keep chatter to a minimum but since I learned from the hottest NSX nominee thread how hard that is to enforce, we copy and paste a list. That allows chatter, and we can quickly skip and simply view the list without having to sort through tons of posts.

5) don't use numbers on the list. Don't go:

1. brakes- 2003- front caliper 18 pounds
2. alternator 1991- 16 pounds

Instead, insert your part in alphabetically. If it is a strut, fit it in with the struts. If it is an alternator, put it before the "B" items. This way the list actually grows alphabetically, and so one can quickly scroll to "caliper" or at the very least "brake caliper". I realize it won't be perfect, but at least you won't have to sift through a sea of things like shifter knobs to locate a brake caliper. A shift knob is either under knob, or shift. Not in between strut and steering wheel.

6) some members will post parts without following the rules. It is easy for the next guy to jump in, copy and paste the list, and add the dummy posts to the organized lists. So we can all pitch in with this.

7) no photos on the list. Photos can be hlepful and are welcome, but not on the copy and paste list. It will make it too difficult to sort through. Photos can be on the thread, no problem. But the copy and paste list will be precise and clean.

Any other ideas? Issues? Please post here.
I just thought of another:

Post member that contributed after the weight maybe? So something like this:

Brake caliper- 2005- front right- 9.3 KG member: RSO34

That way, say you want more info or photo on the part. Or you want to see if there is another thread on prime from the poster on its removal/install or upgrade. You can just search for RSO34's posts on the same parts weight thread or do a prime search for "caliper" under thread started "RSO34" and quickly get the info you need.

It might be a big help to mention username. I can go back and ask RSO34.. "hey when you removed that caliper and weighed it a year ago, what kind of wrench did you use t remove XYZ bolt?"
We can weight factory and aft market parts. So on an aftermarket part, you can still list:

Supercharger- Comptech autorotor- unit body only- 63 pounds. Member RSO34
Another thought:

It doesn't seem to be possible to search within ONE THREAD. So I was thinking... In order to separate this thread and allow the search engine to find "caliper" only on this thread, I can add an uncommon word to the top of the thread like "superfragilistic456".

When you do a search for "superfragilistic456 caliper" would the search engine then not put this thread up top for you? And highlight in red all the "caliper" words on THIS parts thread?

check my build thread here

i use excel, but i do that to compare what i take off the car and what i install, so i can keep a track of my partial and total weight savings :wink:

Right, I understand some data already exists. But it is so spread out, it would be nice to have your info and everyone else's info on one easy to read list. What do you think of my ideas for the thread so far?
No one has anything else to add?
I like the idea but what about adding this information onto the unofficial weight reduction thread?

Mean while, Does anyone have these information:

- Dimension and Weight of Front bumper beam, I would like to fab a aluminum piece, or does anyone want to sell me your CF one?

- Weight of OEM NA2 NSX-R suspension
- Weight of JRZ RS with Top Bearing
- Weight of Moton sports
- Weight of NA1 ABS system, Control unit, TSC unit, speed sensors, SRS control unit, & all the wirings
- Weight of Side Vents

- Have anyone thought of just removing one partition glass behind seat?