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Identifying the Alarm or Security Control Unit


New Member
7 June 2010
SE Asia
Here's my problem. I want to install an aftermarket alarm system. So I had the technician who installed the previous aftermarket alarm to completely remove it from the car. However, sometimes when I unlock the doors (with the key), the blinkers start flashing and the car is immobilized (can't start the car with the key). I realize this issue has to do with dirty connectors inside the door from other threads. However, my issue is that I want to first identify whether the immobilizer is triggered by the OEM alarm, or some hidden aftermarket alarm that was overlooked.

Can someone please tell me whether the gold box (seen in the photo) is the OEM security unit? It is connected by two plugs, 16pin and 22pin. I want to know this before I start digging around for some leftover aftermarket system. Thank you.