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in car footage camera Q

guys, i'm interested in putting a camera facing into the cockpit to capture that "oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit" face all my first time passengers make wh en i put them in the nsx or the fgt. I'd like one that I can remote on if possible to vake it less obvious i'm turning it on. Obviously the camera is visible, but people think about it a lot less if they don't see me turn it on.

I do have a go pro HD, but it's a little big. I'd like one of those that looks like a half sized cigar or something..??
attaches to inside of front windshield.

just get the wifi backpack and remote for the go prot... u can turn it on remotely
Contour makes a nice camera with 1080p that is like a larger lip stick camera. Cheaper than the GoPro too. No remote turn on but turning it on is very easy (you could do it with your eyes closed). I have one and am very happy with it.
Replay XD1080P Video Camera
Got one, can't beat it. Great video quality.