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27 July 2007
Denver, CO

I moved the original memorial thread here, but it is not showing up. So, I'm creating a new one. One of our most beloved NSX Prime members, goldNSX (Thomas), passed away after a short illness. Such terrible news and we're all so sad to see him gone. He was such a patient and wonderful man who helped so many on this forum with the NSX, including yours truly. We will miss him dearly.
we lost another good member . Condolences to friends and family. We never know the day or hour. Lets give our best every day.
RIP Thomas. :( His avatar always caught my eye. I remember years ago he explained what that image was about. Some famous guy in Europe, I think....

Such a rabid contributor to Prime. Sincere condolences.
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Louis De Funès in "Le Gendarme Se Marie"

Very sad news. Always a gentleman, entertaining and helpful in his posts. I will miss his contributions to the forum.
wow...he just posted last week

Rest In Peace, Thomas

very sad news:frown:
Well, that is deeply unfortunate. Thanks for sharing.

Never met him in person, but after 15+ years of sharing this forum with him he definitely struck me as exactly the type of person that keeps me coming back here. He will definitely be missed. Someone please pass along the forum's condolences to his loved ones and thank them for sharing him with us.

All the rest of you 'old timers' hang in there and stay well!
My thoughts are with Thomas.
I remember always reading his posts in whichever thread I was interested in. What a great community member. He will be sorely missed but especially appreciated.

God bless his family and friends in this very difficult time.
So sad, my thoughts and prayers for the family. RIP
What a shock, i hear this bad news right now.

I only met Thomas once, living far away from each other, but we kept in touch, talking regularly about life in general and of course, our NSX passion.
Thomas had an encyclopedic knowledge of NSX and advised and helped me many times.

Recently Thomas told me he had some health problems, but that he was going to contact me again as soon as things got better...
Now there is only sadness

Thank you for everything Thomas, R.I.P
Never met him in person, but after 15+ years of sharing this forum with him he definitely struck me as exactly the type of person that keeps me coming back here.

That's what struck me as well. He, and others like him on Prime, was a big reason for me buying the NSX and becoming part of the community. When we lose somebody like him, we're all a little worse off. I'll keep the family in my thoughts.
For us old timers, he was an institution! Rest in peace Thomas; I for one will miss you!
He was a big contributor to this community with rock solid advice.
He will be missed.
Condolences to his friends and family.

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It was always great to see Thomas post something on Prime because you knew it would be well worth reading. He was a wealth of knowledge and very entertaining. His absence here will leave a large void for all of us. I hope his family and friends realize what he meant to us over the years. Rest in peace my friend.
I am so sorry to hear about this. He will be missed. My deepest condolences to his family...