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Indianapolis area -- need assistance on finding new sales/management position.

1 May 2001
Point of No Return
Hey gang! As some of you know I just moved to Indianapolis due to getting a promotion with my current employer. Due to various reasons (among them my employer misrepresenting my pay raise GROSSLY) I have decided that I would like to start looking for other avenues to explore....this is where you come in. :)

I have been in sales and management for several years, and owned my own businesses as well, and have always been a top performer. What I am looking for is a position in the Indianapolis area that challenges me and will be centered around either sales or management, as both of them give me great joy and accomplishment. I am very good at time management, and have always exceeded sales goals in every position I have ever had and have the documentation and awards to prove it.

If anyone on here has any leads or can assist me in any way to find such a position, I would greatly appreciate it, as I am looking to make my job change in the near furture. Thank you in advance. Have a great day!
too bad your not closer, im sure I could find some sort of position for you here :biggrin:
Nothing in the Motorola Indianapolis office... I could probably at least get you towards an interview in Chicagoland... :)

Good luck
Thanks gang...I appreciate the assistance. Any good leads that can be sent my way are greatly appreciated. Switching jobs is never easy....but I feel it is time to explore other avenues while I am currently working and can evaluate the options without too much panick. :)