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Introducing Foundry3 91-05 Billet Motor Mounts

24 February 2012
We are pleased to announce that NSX billet motor mounts are now open for pre-order.

Using 75A duromter inserts we have achieved a near stock ride, but with added benefits such as better response, never needing to replace your mounts again, much better clutch engagement, a much more stable chassis.

A bit of info on Durometer:

Durometer is the measure of the hardness of a material. The higher the number, the harder the material is. When talking about mounts, you will often hear durometer numbers between 60a and 90a. There are several scales for the measurement of durometer, in the case of bushings, you will almost always hear about the Shore A scale. The letter at the end of the rating indicates the scale (75A).

The OEM mounts are made of rubber (approx 70-74A durometer) however, it is not solid bushing meaning it has voids (windows through the rubber mount). The voids allow for engine movement while the mount is bolted in place in order to reduce vibration at low RPMs. The billet mounts use a 'void-less bushing', so even though the durometer is very close to stock between our mounts and the OEM, they are stiffer by way of limiting the engine movement at low RPM, otherwise they have OEM levels of dampening.

We will be offering $200 off the set of 4 mounts as a limited introductory price.

Please see our website for details.


*Manufacturing is underway for 20 sets, customer shipments will begin mid November*


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Ahhh no shipping to Europe ?? I need those, my mounts are shot...

We can ship to Europe. I've updated the site.

They look great!

Any feedback on NVH with these mounts vs stock?

What is NVH? The urethane inserts on the mounts are 75A durometer which is a great balance of comfort and performance. I don't notice any more vibration than my stock mounts.
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NVH is Noise Vibration Harshness

Thank you for that...

We use 75A urethane which is the industry standard in upgraded mounts, this is the reason we went with it. 75A durometer is going to add a very minor amount of vibration, but yield fantastic response, a more stable chassis, significantly better clutch engagement, and less load up on parts during peak torque. 75A is a great mix for a street driven machine and great on the track.

Where these mounts will really shine is on a tracked NSX, supercharged, or turbocharged NSX. The stock mounts leave much to be desired in regards to dynamics and precision.

*For track only NSX's we can make the mounts with a 90A durometer insert, this will be very similar to a solid mount, if you are interested in 90A please PM or contact via our website.*

- - - Updated - - -

I've added some information on durometer and the OEM mount hardness in the first post.
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So we just order through your website... Any idea how much on shipping ?
Quick update, 65A bushings will be available and are considered a true stock replacement. I will be reaching out to those that have ordered to see if the softer bushing is preferred.