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Is anyone familiar with Morimoto headlights?

5 December 2016

Anyone who's driven an NA1 at night understand that the headlamps and the low beams in particular don't work very well. I'd like to "upgrade" my headlamps but am concerned about potential problems, particularly related to having the correct voltage (Amperage?) and possible heat build up.

It's my understanding that bulb performance deteriorates over time and am thinking about simply putting in new bulbs, but I can't imagine there will be much of an improvement if any. Are there any other alternatives you guys would recommend?
I went with some "DDM Tuning" brand LED bulbs in a last gen CR-V (projector housing) and they exhibited a huge difference in light output compared to stock halogens. Not sure if they have a model that fits the NA1, but maybe consider high quality LEDs.
Lots of folks have upgraded to the Boslla B1 LED's. I had a HID upgrade before - the LED's are better. I'm extremely pleased with how well they turned out and the massive improvement in night driving. A fair bit cheaper than the Morimota as well. Of course LED's also flash (to pass) faster as well; HID takes too long to warm up and it wears them out if you do it frequently. I'm surprised your search didn't uncover this Prime thread of mine; the google doc covers it pretty thoroughly:
Also, this thread also has a good discussion contrasting HID vs LED:
On the current and heat department, stock bulbs are ~5A/55-60W each. HID's use less current but get HOT, and also often need an external igniter that is a pain to locate. LED's use about 1/2 the stock current to produce 3-4 times the light output. (Boslla B1 bullets) No igniters, but you often need different dust caps as discussed in the threads above. There are also models that draw similar current with way more light, but I think you have to really aim them down to avoid blinding others. There are actually some LED options that draw even more current than stock (5A,60W). They will definitely blind oncoming drivers and I would definitely NOT exceed 5A/60W power rating in LED bulbs, potentially straining both the wiring and the housings.
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Agree with Tim. LED technology has finally caught up to the point where they can be reliable. I have the Hikari 2020 units in my NSX and it's quite a difference compared to the halogens.