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Is Hyundai the new Honda?

I think if companies like Ford who've shown they can build cars with all robots were allowed to fire 99% of their staff and just use robots, it would be a game changer. Countries with cheap labor would then lose.
It sounds bad to say, but those jobs are gone anyway. Just speeding up the process.

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Here's what I said in this thread a few months back:

Originally Posted by Vega$ NSX
I am constantly getting more and more impressed with what Hyundai is putting out.

Is it just me, or is deja vu all over again? I mean isn't Hyundai doing, almost exactly what Honda did a couple of decades ago?

1: Start a motor company from nowhere.
2: Be the butt of every automotive joke.
3: Produce very inexpensive vehicles with the focus on value.
4: Continue to improve and advance while the manufacturers you aspire to, stagnate.
5: Grow beyond inexpensive economy cars, and focus on higher end sports and luxury, all the while providing comparable cars for less than the established manufacturers.
6: Produce a flagship, mid engine sports car to show the world you can compete with the best of them.
7: Actually become a well recognized, quality manufacturer.

Haven't we've seen this script before? Looks like Hyundai is round step 5, working their way up to 6.

I recalled this as soon as I saw this thread. Haha.

TBH, I've stayed away from Hyundai just because of their bad rep. Usually when I say I don't like something, I stand by it. As of late though, their offerings have me somewhat interested and at least willing to test drive one, specifically the G-Coupe. I'd like a taste of the FR-S or BR-Z too.