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Is this a stock exhaust?

22 September 2012
I crawled under the car the other day just to snoop around and took pics of my exhaust. I saw some pics of other member's stock systems that were swapped out, and mine looked a little different? or maybe just cleaner
Some alphabets were stamped on...RS * R i think.
Along with the exhaust tips - is this a stock setup?
I already love the sound the car makes when commanded, and dont think I'd go any louder.


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[FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]RS-R [/FONT]

<TABLE border=0><TBODY><TR><TD align=right>[FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]Sound:

[/FONT]</TD><TD>[FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]Loud

[/FONT]</TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>[FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]Tips:

[/FONT]</TD><TD>[FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]Dual angled double walled tips per side (ala Ferrari)

[/FONT]</TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>[FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]Notes:

[/FONT]</TD><TD>[FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]Full stainless. 2.5" pipes throughout. Japan made. About 35-40 # (only 5-10 # less
than stock)

[/FONT]</TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>[FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]Price:

[/FONT]</TD><TD>[FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]$750-$975


If you seached the wiki....here is what u would find.
thanks for the info guys!
esp that wiki page! the setup sounds very nice IMO.
the writeup said that it wasnt super loud and i agree with them...its a great middleground!