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issues with HVAC system pls help

8 June 2008

I have 2 issues with my HVAC system.

1. Blower works on high speed only (probably either climate ctrl unit or power transister)

2. Loud intermittent clicking sound from underneath passenger airbag mostly when HVAC system is on and set mode to top vents or bottem vents, goes away in defog mode.

Any information or suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
You should also be aware that, if your CCU is having problems, it's a lot cheaper to have Briank refurbish it than to buy a new one. He's got more information about it on his website.

is it worth it for me to buy a used one for 250?


I will jump back in here even though the question is not directed to me, Sorry Ken :wink:

Having your unit repaired or buying a exchange control borad is really just a choice of time or money. It takes some time to ship repair and return which you may not what to be without heat and AC. With the exchange deal you are only down the amount of time it takes you to swap the control board.
Chirping in, I just got my repaired CCU back from BrianK and put it in Monday evening. I was having exact same problem. Now, it works like a champ. Thanks Brian K.

Kevin T.