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JH4NA21633T000044 Silverstone/Onyx six speed

15 March 2005
Plymouth, Michigan
2003 NSX vin: JH4NA21633T000044 Silverstone/Onyx six speed

Listed FS on FleaBay with 7,400 miles in Ashland, Oregon. Buy it Now at $110K.


This guy should write copy for Nigerian Internet scams! Some serious boo-sheet here:


“Here's one that Jay Leno should hear about because it's nicer than his!! DOCUMENTED......

2003 that MR Butler (owner of the dealership) has owned and kept in his showroom here @ Acura for many many years!

Never driven except by those whom he has implicitly trusted!
In his golden years now came to me and said it's just time Rex.... Just make it happen like I know you can:_)

Hers the legendary story surely to make it worth more than just about every one avail in the world;

##### In 2003 when this car was built it was owned by a lead engineer of the ACURA team in the Bay area of Calif. where it was driven to the tune of 400 miles (there close) he was caught by the local police for speeding in the downtown area. And because of the high profiling of the anticipated new gen 2 of the vehicle and his HIGH profiling, the car by the higher ups at Acura did not want the negative press therefore allowing the car to go to impound for further review and decision on what to do. Its was decided that the car would be auctioned off!!!!! Unannounced to the current owner (Chuck Butler) he retrieved a phone call from in a PRIVATE affair if he wanted the car? These vehicles at the time were more common of course, and in a time when a good investment was completely unknown (MANY MANY moons ago) he purchased it and came to Oregon. The unbelievable part of this story is that you'll notice on the carfax, autocheck etc. car reveals 1 owner!!! That is how I found out for Chuck last year in the HIGH profiling of these the incredible and 1 of a kind story of this LEGEND in the making!!!

My Acura Rep of 13 sates confirmed and couldn't believe we actually own this car:)

Needless to say this car is virtually unknown to ALL! In hopes to reaching a buyer that is a true collector and enthusiast one will appreciate and see the investment in this auction.

We could roll this one thru auction @ Barrett and more than likely bring a premium but I appreciate Chuck coming to me with 18 years of perfect ebay sales and letting myself have a humble go!!!

Some would wonder why? Simple..... Why pay a commission to the tune of big$$$$ to them when its going to be an easy sale here:)

Appreciate that about my owner and his willingness needless to say.

Car is absolutely MINT!!!
Factory upgrades (gold calipers)
Chromed Wheels
Fresh timing belt and water pump (master mechanic done last year due to age)
more recent tires

Original Factory EVERYTHING!

Assume the car to smell new (as it does)
Assume the car to be virtually defect free (as it is)
Assume the car to one of the best on the planet if NOT THE BEST (as it is)
Assume the car to have no virtually no sunlight hours, and show NO wear!
Assume the car to be accident free, paint free, ding free, and of course almost glass case perfect.

1 issue, small curbing one wheel, I'll send a pic. So minimal it would take the new owner several scrutinizing walk around's touching every square inch of the car to find it! No kidding!!!!
It's that perfect!!!!!!

Call with cash purchase ready to go. If you call asking what's wrong with it I'm going to be quite dissapointed with your inquiry Since my transparency here is clear as the glass in the car!!

I have perfect feedback after selling 160 all over the world for 18 years and have never received a complaint! Hard to find in this day and age. Welcome to someone of the highest credibility selling classics to people globally!

this is me to establish credibility for you as a potential buyer.
copy paste below in your browzer to legitimize.


Call me @ 541-761-zero13zero (or email this add I'll get back to you)

Arrange transportation not an issue and WILL sell quickly to the right buyer.”


This NSX actually looks very nice (except for the chromed OEM wheels). Hope your “browzer” can find it!
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Talk about overselling! I need to get in touch with this guy if I decide to sell mine!:rolleyes:
The story seemed strange and overtold but yes it is for real I now own the car and spoke to acura Rep in Cali and the story is true. The car was owned By acura and then Mr Butler owner of Butler acura.
nice find..post some pics..
The story seemed strange and overtold but yes it is for real I now own the car and spoke to acura Rep in Cali and the story is true. The car was owned By acura and then Mr Butler owner of Butler acura.

Hey Scottnoah welcome to ownership and this NSX looked very nice and original! Silverstone in person under any lighting is stunning. I recall you first joining Prime and began looking. Congrats to ya! :biggrin:

As the Doc stated, photos soon, eh? Many happy miles and smiles :cool: