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July 29 proposition/ LA area

7 February 2001
A few of us are already planning to meet on July 29th in Santa Monica for the exotic sports car cruise.
Instead of going on the drive, we were planning on meeting for the early festivities and then going to breakfast since we feel the drive is too dangerous with 150 cars.
I had an idea and want to see what you guys in LA think. Craig, John, Eric let me know what yo guys think too.
What do you think of making it into the get together, breakfast and a movie? Planet of the Apes comes out that weekend.
The drive down PCH to the 90 and along the coast to Manhattan Beach is nice (maybe 20 minutes if that) and they have some excellent breakfast spots like the Local Yolk. If we had breakfast around there, we could go up Rosecrans to that large theatre which is only five minutes away for the flick.
Anyway, it's just an idea I had and want to see if anyone is interested. For those already going let me know what you think? Good idea/Bad idea?
It's just something I thought of this weekend that sounded fun and figured I'd throw it out there.

I know of two good breakfast places in that area: Local Yolk and The Kettle.
Both have parking. Only the Kettle will take a reservation that morning for us.
If anyone has another good place there, throw out ideas so we can decide. Otherwise, I am leaning toward The Kettle at around 9:30am that morning.

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Sounds good to me...I'm glad you've taken control since my schedule was not permitting me to do any research

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."

As my license plate says, ANYTIME you guys want to do something, COUNT ME IN. I'm sure Craig would also like to show up. Just let me know the time and place, and I'll be there. We should all e-mail Ilya privately and start making a head count for food and the like. Need help?
any help is appreciated... although it shouldn't be much work since it's not really an official event.
Here are the options. We can
A. Meet at the sports car cruise
B. All NSXs meet somewhere nearby and then ALL show up together for a grand entrance.

After that, we would have to leave around 8:30 (assuming they all may leave for the drive by then) and drive to The Kettle. I'd like to do Local Yolk, but they won't take any reservations so one of us would have to get there extra early. probably better to do the Kettle as they will take reservations.

The most enjoyable way to get to Manhattan Beach from the cruise is down PCH which turns into the 10. 10 to 405 and 405 to 90. I will get details on the actual directions, but I take this route all the time. It leads past the airport with a nice LONG straight to open it up, then ends up along the coast for the rest of the drive to the restaurant. It's a 15-20 minute drive MAX on a Sunday morning.

After breakfast we can see the movie.
I will find out that Friday the times this movie will be playing. We can see anything, but I figured most people would want to see Apes that weekend. Tim Burton makes awesome movies so at least the chances are better this will be a good one.

After breakfast we all cruise up Manhattan Beach Blvd and down Sepulveda to the Theatre. Large theatre, big screens, lots of parking.

That's the tentative plan with actual driving directions to follow. Feel free to change, suggest or anything else as I'm just trying to put something simple together that will make everyone happy. Thanks
Hope you all had a good weekend! Below is the final itenirary for the mini-event next weekend. This began as just a get together between a few of us for the sports car cruise. Then we decided the cruise was too dangerous with 200 cars, so we would show up to take a look at all the cars, take pictures, then go to breakfast. Then I realized Planet of the Apes releases that weekend. So now we have a get together, breakfast and movie set for Sunday morning.

See link below for event.

There will probably be a lot of cars there and it may be hard to find each other. In addition, it would be great if all the NSXs showed up together. My idea is to meet 10-15 minutes before hand in the Santa Monica college parking lot just a few blocks away.
Then we can all arrive at the meet together.
It starts pretty early at 7:30am so if we want to meet at the college first, 7:15 is a good time. If that's too early for some, you could always meet us later at The Kettle. I want to be there and take lots of pcitures.

Please let me know what you guys think of this. I will hand out directions to the restaurant at the meeting place.

We can meet other car owners there and take pictures until they leave for the cruise. From there we will go to the Kettle in Manhattan Beach. Either I or someone familiar will lead so getting there isn't a problem. Below are directions to the route I chose to drive in case anyone wants to know.
The entire route is no more than 15-20 minutes.

There are faster ways to get there by freeway, but the route has been my favorite for years as it has some good spots to open up the car and have some fun.

We will have reservations at the Kettle for 9:00am. After breakast we will go see Planet of the Apes. Since the film is not out yet I don't know the times. However, we will probably need to get tickets right when the box office open or it will sell out in a heartbeat. The parking lot for this theater is HUGE so after breakfast we can all park there.

I know you have a lot of experience organizing events so any help is appreciated. Craig said he may be out of town that weekend. Please let me know what you think or anything else we can do/change.

Everyone , please give me some feedback asap so I can forward the final email to Alex V. for distribution on the Southwest list. Thanks

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Sounds good, but one tip is that you shouldn't post actual directions for a drive on a public forum.

I assume you're hoping to see the film at the Pacific Theater (Rosecrans and Nash). I took in JP3 there on Saturday afternoon (5:15pm show) and had no problems getting in at the last minute...so I suspect selling out won't be much of a problem for earlier shows. That said, we did have to split into two rows.

Maybe I will take in the movie with you guys too.
The full itenirary has been sent to the NSXCA-SOUTHWEST list. Hopefully more people will find out about it and come to the event. So far from the forum, we have five people including myself. The announcement was just sent out last night.
If anyone is not on the list and would like the full itenirary with directions, please email me. Thanks

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So far we have 7 people going.
Richard Hua is coming out from all the way in Orange county.
We lost a couple people because of how early the event is, but that's when the cruise meets so I couldn't change that.
If anyone else decides to go, I will not be checking email this weekend so show up at the Santa Monica college parking lot at 7:15am. Everyone is welcome.

Just in case the parking lot is closed on weekends, alternatively meet at the cruise itself. The itenirary has my cell phone so anyone can reach me that morning.

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The final count as far as I know is 8 people. The cruise is up to a grand total of 400 cars! wow. I see a lot of Vipers going as well.
Hopefully the SMC parking lot will be open tomorrow morning. Otherwise it will be tough to find each other in that huge group of cars.
Apes was a fun movie. I went in expecting an average flic after mixed reviews, and ended up having a good time. It wasn't an Oscar winning epci, but it's enjoyable. Far better than some people made it out to be, but it's all opinion. It was worth it for me.
That meet was awesome. I'm going to scan and post pics soon. Too bad for those who couldn't make it. Over 400 cars of every kind. We saw Skyline GTRs, Ferrari 550, Vipers, tons of modified supras, rx7s, s2000s, Z06s, etc. Also 3 deloreans and lots of classics as well. The lot was packed!
We even saw a Veilside Supra with that purple paintjob that changes colors. Carbon fiber interior and more gauges than an F-16.
It was far better than even I expected. Imagine these kinds of cars in a long line, filing in from around the corner into a parking lot for over an hour! By the time everyone was in it was time to go.

Eric got tons of pictures and footage so when he gets some free time, maybe he'll post some up too.
Don't rush it Eric, I understand how busy you are.

BTW, That BEATER VAN that parked next to me at the theater peeled a fingernail size piece of paint off my left mirror. I'll have to go to a dealer and get some touch-up paint to cover it. ARG! How do I make that angry face pic?

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Damn! I heard about this meet from a friend, but decided last week not to head up due to all the ricer's....

And then I read last night that a bunch of NSX'ers went! ARGH! Now I'll have to make it the next event down here in the LA area. Hopefully someone posts it here for all to see....
Ilya, thanks for setting up the breakfast thing. Too bad more NSXers didn't show (John, Calvin, where were you guys?), and too bad there weren't more exotics.

Still, there was so much to see and photograph. I'm not terribly thrilled with the video I shot (I noticed I was way too rushed...virtually everything felt like a swish pan...or too shaky...perhaps I had too much coffee before the meet). The overcast sky didn't help.

Breakfast was great (will go back to the Kettle in the future) as was the company. Found the movie entertaining to a point - some dialog and moments really got under my skin, but I'm still glad I saw it. Sorry to hear about your mirror...we should have parked further up.

BTW, I was too tired to go to work. I crashed at home and slept until evening.

I didn't realize you can only post 10 photos to a free PhotoPoint account (and you can't link to them)...oh well.

Here's a small sampling of digital pics I took. My better shots went on film, so they will have to be developed and scanned before I put them up.


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Sorry I missed it you guys. I stayed out kinda late the night before with my wife, we watched "The Lion King" at the Pantages and I set my alarm for 6AM to be able to make it but I guess I was so tired I didn't wake up til 8
. If you guys have a get together at the Kettle again at perhaps a later time in the morning maybe I can get my lazy butt up!

Sounds like the event was a great success, other than for Ilya's mirror. I'm looking forward to seeing all your pics. Did it seem kinda of weird not going on the cruise with the other cars? Did anyone notice? I really can't see how 400 cars can stay together. I guess they probably went out in smaller groups. Hope to see you guys at another event, maybe at the next Thursday meeting at NSX Modified. Calvin

'00 NSX-T, silverstone/blk, #252
Sorry you couldn't make it...but I can totally understand not waking up that early (I probably won't try that again any time soon).

Did it seem kinda of weird not going on the cruise with the other cars? Did anyone notice? I really can't see how 400 cars can stay together.

I felt a little strange when we first pulled out because a Corvette and two other cars followed our four NSXs out of the lot and made the turn on to Centinella before realizing that we weren't following the same directions that they were.

I don't know how they coordinated everything. It took a huge amount of time just to get everyone on the move...I wonder if they even used radios!