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Just bought an 05 Red/Blk

2 January 2005
Daphne AL
I posted a wanted listing on this site and got several replies today. I hope I'm not too impulsive but I bought an 05 Red/Blk with 26k today. Dealer says it will be shipped within two weeks. Guess I really need tosell my 95 Red/Blk soon. My wife says I only get one garage space. everyone says the 05 will feel lighter and should be a bit faster. My 95 turned 13.5-13.6 quarters at between 105 and 108. Not really a drag racer but it's nice to have some straight line aceleration. Any one have any comments on what I should expect different from my 95?
Tony F
congrats! I think the biggest change for you will be the extra gear!Brake feel will be improved.The car is quieter,and should smell more like a new car!:tongue:
Congrats Tony, you will notice quicker revs and faster shifting which will allow use of the vtec and top end power, however you will not be able to 80MPH in second gear any more maybe 70:biggrin: Other good news is higher top speed due to aerodyamic attributes .30 drag coef.
Where did you find it?? I was looking hard and never saw it.