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Just purchased a Foxwell NT530 OBII diagnostic scanner

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
With my Volvo when ever I want to do something like download software, I need to pay for a subscription to VIDA and go on line. It is cumbersome but gives me access to pretty much everything the dealer can do. I wanted to do the same with the NSX. I believe you can subscribe to the diagnostic software for other than a year at $1000. But I have not ventured to look. I know that a special adapter is required very much like with the Volvo. I did decide to try a aftermarket scanner from Foxwell. It is the NT530 and you get for the price ($150) one automotive software package. I choose of course Honda/Acura. I tried it today and it gives me access to most all the modules on the car. In addition I can use it to turn off the electric brake and other functions. Something like 8 other functions. Given that I have the Ceramic brake package hell will probably freeze over before I need to change pads. One of the benefits of having the ceramic brakes is the lack of brake dust. I cannot remember having to clean the wheels of dust over the last 7 months. That alone is worth a lot. Anyway I liked how it worked so much that I ponied up another $80 and added Volvo software to the unit. I had considered spending more money but did not see any real benefit. I like the Autel Maxisys MS8096BT at $1250 but that seemed like a bit of overkill, though it comes with software for most all vehicles. What diagnostic scanners have NSX owners purchased?
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Having a code reader is almost mandatory with a LS based GM car, especially a modded one.

I hope I never have the need for one with my NSX, I sure don't plan on working on it myself anyways.