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Diagnostic Tool for OBDI Cars? Hondash? Autel 802?

5 May 2015
Hey guys

As most of you, I like to tinker with my cars and have a bunch of dedicated OBDII cables and software for my daily drivers.

For the NSX, I've been looking for something that is a bit more convenient and insightful than the paper clip technique. Searching google and ebay results in the usual assortment of unrelated information and bombardment of youtube ads.

I stumbled upon this video on youtube that shows somebody using an Autel802 scanner with an OBDI to OBDII adaptor connected to an old del-sol.

Here's the video:

If this works with the NSX, there are some good advantages:
- Code scanning
- Live monitoring (?)
- Access to ABS/SRS (you can see the menu option for the del sol in the video - hopefully it offers something similar for us)
- Compatibility with most OBDII cars including mfr-specific features (battery coding for BMW etc)
- No in-app purchases, forced upgrades and other unAPPetizing bs
- Cost $200+

There's also an OBDI to Bluetooth solution called HONDASH which comes with a dedicated app. It appears to be similar to Torque and other OBDII apps. Here's a review of it:


Advantages of this one are:
- Code scanning
- Live view
- Future use to feed android tablet
- designed for Hondas
- Cost - $80

Another option is one of the Innova scanners (like the 3120). I'm not really a fan of this company based on bad experience with their tools and customer support in the past. However, if one of you's guys can confirm / recommend an Innova product for the NSX, I'll check it out :)

So, have any of you tried these tools and if so, what are your thoughts?

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The HONDASH looks interesting. I've got some experience with Torque and a BT OBD2 adapter and really like it for the price. Might have to give this one for OBD1 a try.

Edit, thats just for a 3 or 5 pin connector. Not sure if it will work for us?
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[MENTION=33247]MotorMouth93[/MENTION] or [MENTION=16606]sr5guy[/MENTION] may be able to give you a better handle on whether the NSX 2 pin service check connector can also double as a data link. I have never looked inside the ECU so I don't know what those two pins connect to - perhaps it doubles as some sort of jtag - like port.

If you want to monitor what the ECU is doing with access to actual engine data I suggest you look at what MouterMouth93, sr5guy and Honcho are doing here with TunerPro.

Tuning the NSX 3.0L Using the OEM ECU (nsxprime.com)

At least this option has been demonstrated as working on the pre OBDII ECU. Even if you don't want to tune the fuel map having access to the measured and calculated engine parameters should allow you to do just about any diagnostics you can think of.
The service check connector cannot spit out a data stream as far as I know.

To get access to the serial data stream from the ECU you need to open it up and attach leads to test points on the PCB. The factory data stream spits out a whole bunch of junk that I don't care to fully interpret so the best way to get useful data is to chip the ECU and apply a code patch to change the data stream to only send out data we care about. This video shows logging in Tunerpro.

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[MENTION=26435]Old Guy[/MENTION], [MENTION=33247]MotorMouth93[/MENTION] thanks for the info. I guess its pointless digging into this unless the ECU is modified or I switch to a different ECU.
[MENTION=30329]Superhatch[/MENTION], based on the input from these guys above, I don't think Hondash would work for us.