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31 July 2000
I've recently purchased an NSX. I noticed that under the bumper there is a small black box which says K-40, and then directly below that there is another box that is about 4 " long X 3/4" tall with nothing written on it. I suspect maybe a radar detector? Can anyone help me out with this? I have not been able to locate a head unit in the dash if it is one. Thanks for any input.
That k-40 is a radar detector. The power switch connected to mine looks like a single unit, two-ring dial shaped like a cigarette lighter, it is cleverly disguised in the cockpit as such. Check your ashtray for this switch. The 12:00 position (center) of the base ring is on/off. Turning it left gives you an amber light or filter on, which is supposed to weed out all other miscellaneous waves or signals--this is meant for city driving. Turning it to right of center gives a green indicator, no filter--use for country or open hwy driving. The top dial is for beep volume. Good luck finding it, if you can't, the cops won't either!