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Group Buy KCMachine #Lighterisbetter CNC Machined Battery Tray and Shorai Lithium Iron Battery

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18 February 2012
We are going to do another group buy for our #Lighterisbetter CNC machined battery tray and Shorai lithium iron battery package!

This is a:
[X] Direct vendor group buy
Minimum Number of Units: 1
Maximum Number of Units: Unlimited
Closing Date: May 23, 2014

Product Will Ship: [X] As payments are received (We will be following a production schedule)

Payment Procedure: [X] No deposit, payment due prior to shipping

Payment Methods Accepted:
Paypal: [email protected] (Please include your Prime name in the payment notes)

Check, PM me for address.

Estimated Delivery Time / Date: Every month, depending on battery shipments and anodizing schedule.

Product Pricing: $360 + shipping in the US.
$420 + shipping with charger

Shipping & Insurance Costs: International shipping is based off of actual shipping costs. Through a FedEx hotline, I can get severely reduced international shipping rates, please contact me directly and I can get you a quote.

Prime Group Buy Price:
$360 + shipping in the US.
$420 + shipping with charger
Please contact me for international shipping rates.

Here is the link to our previous group buy:

And here is a general information thread about our package:



Installed photos:


Light but strong:


We are now introducing a line of colors!
Blue, Red, Gold, Black, Clear anodized (just looks silver), Gunmetal (not pictured). When ordering, please note in the additional notes what color you would like.

How to order:
Paypal me $360 (or $400 for package with charger) to: [email protected]
Please note your color choice, car year and Prime name in the comments field.

What you get:
Shorai LFX36L3-BS12 Lithium Iron Battery ($329 MSRP)
#Lighterisbetter CNC Machined Battery Tray ($149 MSRP)
Battery terminals ($11 MSRP)
Installation hardware

Here are the details:
Direct bolt on, no modification necessary.
CNC machined 6061 aluminum.
6.75 pound installed weight.
30-40 pound weight reduction from OEM battery. (1% of the car!)
540 CCAs will start up supercharged cars.
Car can sit up to 14 days without starting. (Your car will vary)
Battery tender friendly. (Do not let your battery sit on a tender for an extended period of time)
Lithium iron battery technology is extremely safe.
Hard anodized finish.
Terminals included.
Tray is machined in-house by us in California.
Drop tested at ~22 mph.
Easy 30 minute installation.
*Please note that because these batteries are not intended for use in cars, the original manufacturer's warranty is void. That being said, we fully support our customers, so please let me know if you are experiencing any problems.*

If you're a person that knows that lighter is better when it comes to cars, our battery package is perfect for you. You understand that reducing a car's weight improves all aspects of a car's performance. By reducing the weight in your car, it's like upgrading your engine, brakes, and suspension all at the same time because your car's acceleration, braking, and cornering are all improved from weight reduction. This simple modification allows for sharper steering response and improved turn in dynamics.


We've designed this battery tray specifically to bolt into your NSX without modifying your car. We package our trays with a Shorai LFX36L3-BS12 lithium iron battery which packs enough juice to start up even supercharged cars while maintaining an installed weight of only 6.75 pounds! The OEM spec battery weighs 30-50 pounds, which means you'd be dropping about 1% of the car's weight, which is a very significant reduction in weight from just one simple modification.

These batteries are perfect for a daily driven car. We've also seen cars sit for as long as 14 days and have them start up with no problems. We do recommend using a charger if your car sits for longer than 5 days at a time. The battery can be used on a regular battery tender as long as it does not have a desulfate mode. If you use a regular battery tender, use it just to charge the battery, do not let it sit on the tender for an extended period of time. If you are going to let the car sit for a longer period of time, it's recommended to purchase the Shorai dedicated charger. The Shorai dedicated charger is also best to revive an over-discharged battery.

Lithium iron technology is extremely safe and does not exhibit the flammable properties that lithium ion batteries have.

Not suitable for extreme cold weather, but we've tested it down to 15 degrees with no problems. If your car sees consistent temperatures any colder than that, this battery is not recommended.

All hardware and terminals are included for an easy bolt on install!

Estimated install time: 30 minutes

More info:
My company, Kinetic Custom Machine is a small machine shop in San Juan Capistrano, CA. We are just 2 people who are enthusiastic about our work, we both love cars, and have a mindset of lighter is better. You can read more about our machining escapades on our blog: www.kcmachine.com

I've personally had one of these batteries in my NSX for over a year now, and it has been great. With the NSX, the way the battery is situated, and with how heavy the OEM spec battery is (47 pounds), steering response and sharpness have been noticeably improved with the new setup. Also, including this battery mod, I have reduced my NSX's weight by about 180 pounds which is absolutely a perceptible change in overall driving performance. I recently went to the track with my NSX, and when carrying a passenger (which negates my weight reduction), the extra weight was incredibly apparent. I had to change my braking zones significantly while carrying a passenger.

Great quality piece. Love it. Can't beat the weight savings. Great customer service and contact. Highly recommend.

Lithium Iron:
Please note that these batteries are lithium iron (LiFePO4), not lithium ion (LiCoO2). Lithium iron batteries are much safer than lithium ion, and they won't catch fire like lithium ion batteries can.

Lithium iron technology is great because it is very powerful, very light, and also very safe.

LiFePO4 is an intrinsically safer cathode material than LiCoO2 since exothermic reactions cannot occur in batteries based on this material: LiFePO4 cells do not incinerate or explode under extreme conditions. In addition, LiFePO4 cells have a higher discharge current, are not toxic and have a much higher cycle life than LiCoO2 cells.

Also, here is a video of a lithium iron battery being shorted (and also shot with a gun):

Battery Tenders:
If you let your car sit for more than 5 days at a time, it is recommended to use a tender. These batteries can be used on normal battery tenders, as long as your battery tender DOES NOT have a desulfate mode. Battery tenders should only be used to charge the battery, do not let it sit for an extended period of time.

Shorai does make their own battery charger, which works very well, especially for over-discharged batteries. It is the only recommended way to bring a battery to life after being over-discharged, as it balances the cells internally. I offer these chargers very close to our cost at an additional $60.

Shipping Schedule:
The trays are made to order, and we will be taking batches to the anodizer on a monthly basis.

Finally, here is a video of a 22 foot drop test we conducted, which equates to about 22 mph. We wanted to ensure that our tray would be safe in a crash situation. The tray performed up to our expectations, not letting go of the battery, and deforming only very slightly.

Please leave any comments/questions/criticism/concerns in this thread, and do not hesitate to PM or email me: [email protected]


Thank you Prime for your continued support!

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Any plans to make them in white? :)
Any plans to make them in white? :)

Nope, pretty sure you can't anodize white. I could have it custom powder coated for you, it'd probably be around $100. It'd get really dirty quickly though due to the placement of the battery.
The batteries got a little cheaper so I reduced the price of the package.

Here's what the colors look like:





Any word on the Shorai battery tenders, Colin? It's getting closer to finally getting it out of the garage. I Think??

91 NSX Red/Black
09 VW Jetta TDI White
Hi Joe, getting a few coming in, I think they should be here today, I'll PM you when they arrive!
can you get the holder without the battery now, you were not offering that option originally?
Thanks everyone for the orders. Looks like most people are just buying through our website instead of doing the group buy. We're finishing up a batch of NA1 trays and associated parts! We'll just have them on hand for sale the normal way, instead of doing a group buy fashion.
Can't wait to buy my na1 battery!
Thanks everyone for the orders. Looks like most people are just buying through our website instead of doing the group buy. We're finishing up a batch of NA1 trays and associated parts! We'll just have them on hand for sale the normal way, instead of doing a group buy fashion.

Does this mean we can't get the Group Buy price in the first post if we order through the website?
Still waiting for news on the na1 trays so that I can place my order.
I should be getting the NA1 trays back from the anodizer hopefully tomorrow! Thanks for all that are patiently waiting.
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