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kenwood DNX 8120 instalation

Can't help you with the sync, but who did your dash for you and where did you get it installed?
sorry, i synced with my Nokia 8801 perfectly fine. i'm not to familiar with it, but if it uses bluetooth, i'm sure it would link up. go to the website to see compatible phones.
I got it done at Al & Ed in Sherman oaks, they did a great job. I had a long exchange of e-mail with Kenwood and I also pressured Al & Ed to use their leverage to get an answer from the development team, and they did, they hop to have a fix by the end of the month.
Al & Ed actually had to build and scalp the dash and than repaint it. It looks like original equipment. It is pricy but it is the only way. The unit must have a close to 90 degree angle so reflection does not wash out the screen. They did the complete installation.
I like the install. I have the DDX 7015 in right now, but I'm liking the idea of removing the ashtray to get a better angle on the HU.