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Knock sensor issue

6 September 2004
Arundel, QLD, Australia
I am curious, do the knock sensors go bad over time?

I have just fitted an AEM & have noticed on the dataLogs during tuning that the 2nd bank(I assume rear bank) has double the voltage readings of that of the front bank. (I'm sure there's no detanation as this is at light load & cruise.)

Could this be caused by overly large valve clearances. (Haven't had a chance to check as yet) The valvetrain seems a little noisy but assumed this was normal

or could this be a LMA problem

Not sure about your knock sensor output, but Bank2 is the front bank (4,5,6)

Thanks Larry. at least I know which side to start now.

I've had the Cam Cover of the Rear (1) Bank to check valve clearance Ex are good, Inlet are one thou over, but I would't have thought that would be an issue.
All the LMA's seem ok, although some are less stiff than others? some move easily with my finger others need a little more effort but all move freely.

I will check the front (2) Bank now.

I had another Mechanic listen to my valvetrain noise & he agreed that it wasn't excessive & couldn't hear anything that might indicate a problem.
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