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Knoxville TN

30 October 2011
San Antonio Texas
Do you all have a local coffee and rides or Cars and Coffee? Or any car shows? I am in town visiting until July 7th and would like to stop by and see some of the local NSX'rs. Let me know.
There is a ton if car related stuff going on in this area. There's a hotrod and import show every sat evening beside joe neubert collision on Clinton hwy. there's also a meet that goes on every fri nite for high end imports in the old city downtown. There's only about 3 or 4 nsx locals that I know of in this area though. A couple of them can be found at both of these shows, including me, from time to time.
Yeah, you should drive past European Auto Garage on the way out of town on the 7th if you aren't flying.

Otherwise, the next down-town meet is on the 29th. The Clinton Highway meet Biscuits mentioned is every Saturday, but can be a zoo at times (immaturity mainly).

There is a hill-climb up near the Dragon this weekend (23rd & 24th). Info is here: http://www.dragonhillclimb.com/ I won't be running in the event, but I'll be there sort-of covering it. It should be fun to watch.

Beyond that, I'm sure some of us could be convinced to meet somewhere impromptu.
AWESOME, Thanks all for the quick responses. As stated, I am here visiting family, so I did not bring my NSX (kinda hard to fit a wife, dog and enough clothes for 28 days in there) but it would be great to see some of the local guys NSXs. I will try and come to one of the events, and hopefully see some locals. Thanks again for the quick posts
You just have to pack more creatively :biggrin:

I probably wouldn't be bringing my NSX to a meet right now anyway. A wheel stud replacement has now turned into a wheel bearing replacement, so it might be another week before it's out running around again.

'Hope you enjoy your stay.
You guys ready to start planning the next dragon meet? If so, reply in the tennessee meet thread.