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Lake Geneva Drive, 2020 Edition

28 May 2015
La Grange, Illinois
Hi Everyone!

We're having our annual Lake Geneva Drive on June 28th. For the guys coming from Illinois, let's meet at the Lake Forest Oasis on I-294 northbound at 10:00. We should arrive at the parking lot of the Geneva Inn (south shore of Lake Geneva, N2009 S Lake Shore Dr., Lake Geneva, Wisconsin) around 11:15. At 11:30(ish), we'll depart on a pleasant, somewhat spirited drive (but not a race!) through the scenic areas north of Lake Geneva, led by Paul. We'll finish up at the parking lot of Alpine Valley Ski Resort for the usual group photo opportunity and then head our separate ways. I have NOT made any plans for us to eat at the Geneva Inn, any other restaurant, or any picnic sites. I have been told that Culver's(!) is open for business and those interested can stop there or anywhere else open after the drive. So please mark your calendars and consider joining us if you've never done this before. It's always a lot of fun, and usually one of the highlights of the Chicago-Milwaukee NSX group's driving season!
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Update on Lake Geneva Drive, 2020 Edition: We are now going to be meeting at Cobb Park Picnic Area, 2101 McDonald Rd., Lake Geneva 53147 at 10:00. Accordingly, for the guys meeting at the Lake Forest Oasis on I-294, let's meet at 8:50 and leave at 9:00 sharp. It's going to be a picnic, so everyone bring your own food, small cooler, compact chairs or blankets on which to sit, etc. (the park has picnic tables and seating for about 20 people, so we might run out of seating). Had we discovered this park 4 weeks or more ahead of the date then we could have reserved the facilities, but unfortunately this didn't happen, so there IS a real possibility of other people using the facilities as well as us or even excluding us from using the park - it will be on a first-come, first-serve basis and we can't throw anyone who might already be there out, so we'll hope for the best! (I have checked with the City of Lake Geneva offices and was told that there is not any group that has the park reserved when we want to go). Therefore, we're moving the meet times up to try to increase the odds that we'll arrive at the park and find it unoccupied. A couple of other items are that I personally assured the city that we would be on our better behavior, meaning this will not be like a JDM Chicago meet (no burnouts, doughnuts, loud exhaust contests, etc.). It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyways): if you feel sick, have been diagnosed with Covid-19, exhibit any symptoms associated with Covid-19, or have reason to believe that you could be a carrier of the virus, PLEASE do not attend this event. We'll miss you but want you to take care of yourself and get better! So I hope to see as many of you attend as possible. In years past this event has proven time and time again to be a good time.
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Should be a lovely day.

Have a great time.

I must be jinxed on trying to join you folks.

This finally looked like the year, then my 12V battery went South last night. The dealer won't have the replacement until Monday.
Anybody around Milwaukee want to meet up and drive there in a group?
Great time like always! How do you guys like the picnic spot, should we meet there more often?

The picnic spot was fine! Paul, thanks for finding the picnic spot and leading us along the drive after lunch! (You guys will have to explain to me how there was nearly an NSX pileup while waiting for me to rejoin the group!). Joe, thanks for the brownies, Sarah, thanks for the grapes. Thanks to everyone for turning out and it was great to meet some new faces!
Was such a great time! Locations, roads, people. All of it was great.
Thank you for setting this up and thank you everyone for being so welcoming to us newbies.

I definitely do not have a video from said near pile-up.