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Large Acura meet at Woodine Acura on April 9th

30 June 2004
Toronto, Canada
I just heard about it when I went to Acura Woodbine. I'm not 100% sure where it will be as I hear there will be 70+ cars. I'm going to try to make it if I can... does anyone know more details?

i'll be there with my red nsx, and my brother's right hand drive integra type r straight from japan... can't wait!!

so it is at the dealership, right?
I've signed up for it as well, and will be there as long as the weather is good. I just reinstated my car today.. WOOHOOOO! It feels awesome being behind the wheel again!
I'm coming down from Kitchener, hopefully the weather is good! My buddy with a 89' Skyline might come down as well? You might be able to see Wrong-Hand drive up close! :smile: I can finally put a face to the cars I see, and meet some new people! See you all there!
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Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to make it anymore due to other commitments .. argh. I'll see if I can sneak away for a bit though.
I cant make it either - have to go to Ottawa for neices 2nd birthday.

I hear that it is a detailing products demonstration anyways....
SPA_S2000 said:
I cant make it either - have to go to Ottawa for neices 2nd birthday.

I hear that it is a detailing products demonstration anyways....

It's an open meet and around 100 cars will be showing up. A dyno will be there as well as some detailing product vendors. Lunch is also provided by the dealer... so yes the theme is a detailing products demo but it will be a pretty big first meet of the season with great weather.

Too bad you can't make it.
I may be able to sneak away for a bit. Are you guys planning on coming early, ie 11am'ish or late? I'm booked up in the middle, but can come for a bit on either end. I'm definitely going to try if they have a dyno setup and are doing free dyno runs :)
Unfortunately it looks like if I do come, it won't be til after 2pm. Hope to see some of you guys there! Even if the dyno runs are reasonably priced, it'll be cool to try as I've been meaning to get it done anyways. Unfortunately, I doubt they'll be testing AF with a wideband -- probably just a tailpipe sniffer. The main thing I really need to have checked out is whether I'm running lean or not, and I don't think I'll be able to do that here.
Good meeting everyone today! Remember, if you haven't already, send a PM to NSX2NV with your NSX specifics (year, color etc) and your contact info if you want to be emailed for any local events/get-togethers etc.

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try out the dyno as the wait was going to be another 1.5 hours and I didn't want to stick around for that long. It would have been cool to check out though since it was a mustang dyno which is supposed to be more accurate than some of the others. I talked to the owner of the place, but unfortunately he's based out of Ottawa and I'm not sure if there are any other Mustang dynos in the Toronto area. Anyone know?

Carlos: Keep us posted on the carbon fiber/mesh engine cover -- I'm very interested!!
Great to meet everyone today! Arshad, glad you could make it along with Bram, Red Dragon and NSX2NV. Hope to see you guys soon on some NSX specific meets.
Hoping to finish the custom front bumper and rear diffuser for my ground effects kit by the end of next week. I can start on the engine cover shortly after that.
Please post any pics of mesh engine covers...along with coments on what you feel would improve on past designs.
I'll post some pics of the body kit soon!

Hey Carlos, here's a link to another mesh cover put together by another NSXprime member (Paul):


It looks fantastic, is well put together, and it's a superb price, but shipping from Canada is a pain so if you can put together something similar locally, I'd jump on it in a second. For me, I don't even care if it's custom fabbed in carbon fiber -- I'm happy with taking the stock one and cutting out the inside like Paul's done. I simply don't have the tools or the talent to do it myself ;)

I'm also curious to see how the finished rocker panel looks on your car -- I may be interested in that as well. I don't suppose you have a paint booth in your shop by any chance? ;-)
:frown: Crappy! I couldn't make it this past week-end! Had some other things to take care of! Hope there is another meet sometime soon! :smile:
lqqky said:
Please post any pics of mesh engine cover, and side vent grill mesh...along with coments on what

Here is a cover a friend put together for me, its made out of aluminium. I'll try to get some better pics of it... we should make another thread for this?...