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Larry B Where Are You???

14 March 2005
Question...I may just be parinoid but today I was reversing out of a drive very slowly and heard a tick tick tick tick tick as the NSX moved backwards.

I then heard it a second time pulling into my friends drive in first gear. We took it for a test ride (SLOW) but never duplicated the sound.

I then put the car in nuetral with the engine off open the door and pushed backward and then a tick tick tick tick tick while it was moving backwards only a foot ot two.

Would it be possible Snap Ring? Or am I a dork? Any suggestions? I know the cluch makes a sound normally, but it wasn't that.

In advance thanks
well for now, i'm gonna park the NSX. I'll lift it tomorrow and check it out
a bit closer. I never was able to duplicate it any further.

I thought it could have been the brakes or calipers movement?

I read up on the snap ring again, It has no similarities to failure. Whew...
I thought it could have been the brakes or calipers movement?
Sometimes, with aftermarket brake pads, the pads don't fit precisely into the calipers. You can hear a slight clicking as the pads shift around, particularly as you switch between forward and reverse at slow speeds.
The snap ring will give you much more excitment then that:). If your shifter is not bobbing fore and aft when in gear and accelerating/decelerating, your snap ring is OK. Sure sounds like brake pad noise, CV joint, or something like that.

Let us know what you see, hear, find.

Well, I've got some wear on the pads all the way around....looks like time
to replace.

The rotors look ok, but I'll turn them for sure. I wish I could spend the money
for slotted or other wise.

I'll check all again when done. Thanks for all the info. :redface: