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LF pop-up headlight car for $65k or less

29 January 2022
Just had my 3rd NSX purchase seemingly slip through my hands this last weekend, so maybe I'll have better luck asking sellers to come to me?

I'm looking for:
- pop-up headlights
- Clean chassis/body, previous minor damage okay as long its been repaired or can be cleanly
- Running or not - less $ for not running/no motor or trans at all, but still interested
- MT preferred over AT
- Color doesn't matter to much, though yellow and silver are at the bottom of the list

please email at [email protected] (yes put the + sign in the address and yes I'm normally way into Miatas, but looking to change platforms)
For those who might be curious...

1st miss:
Silver 91 - Was offered to me at a really good price 2 years ago but I passed because I'm dumb. I asked recently and seller still has it but now want's over market :(

2nd miss:
Red 94 - The red car here: http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php/216746-94-NSX-K24-Turbo-Build [MENTION=38290]mrcarnage[/MENTION] has it posted on his instagram for $65k with the swap and $40k without. I contacted him and after some back and forth about state of the car, I offered his asking for the car without the swap and he's just left me on read since then. If you read this MrCarnage, I'm still interested (either email me or reply to my insta DM?)

3rd miss:
An incredibly beautiful green over black 94 - Small dealer in OH posted it, I contacted them and we came to an agreement on price (+tax and doc fee) and setup a purchase date. I offered a non-refundable deposit, but they declined. I got their info for a cashiers check and had it cut and got insurance on the car so I could drive it off the lot. We confirmed everything the day before the purchase date and I traveled to OH. Upon arrival, they tell me they've already sold it. Rather sad about this one. Waiting on them to make good on their offer of trying to do right by me before posting more details/review, but I'm not holding my breath that they do the right thing.
99.9% sure I've got one bought now (I was 100% sure on the last one, so I'll wait to delete this until it's in my driveway)