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Life lessons from The Fast and The Furious

- If you can understand Air/Fuel ratios and shock settings, you should be going to MIT or something
- You can try Fatburger for a burger and fries for $2.99, faggot.
- 30 weight tastes better than 40 weight.
- Getting prime parking out front at Neptune's Net is never a problem.
- You can't get into the ring with Ali just cuz you think you can box. Unless he knows I can box.
What about the Eclipse from the sequel? At least a turbo supra is fast and nothing says fast like a purple eclipse spyder with 20's, body kit and a spoiler.

psshhhhhhhh, that supra can barely be considered to be fast with that car's true potential. Especially when they're said to have built a "10 second" car and it could barely smoke the 355. That's one big @ss wing lol Seriously, that thing should fly

Good point. I was in a car club (i know i know) when that movie came out. We all went to see it. It was an event! We mainly did hp mods to our cars while the other clubs did the wild paint and body kits and shit. We where soo dissapointed in that movie.

Before I was into the NSX thing, I was big time into sportbikes. NOT some boulevard b!tch. Anyways, we got together for the release of Torque........ um yeah, we waited a LONG time after the movie let out before we left lol. It was THAT embarrassing.
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