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Loan on an NSX

21 March 2001
Just was wondering if anyone can let me know what kind of APR you guys have gotten on a 91' NSX. I need to take out a 16k loan. Anyone know anywhere to get a good loan. Any info on what to do would be helpful.

I used www.JJBest.com because I was purchasing out of state. Peoplefirst won't let you do a person to person out of state purchase. Then I refinance with Peoplefirst for 8.5% I tried multiple banks with no success due to the age of the car. Hope this helps!

'91 Black NSX
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Just a correction to my previous post. I was just browsing through the Peoplefirst web site and maybe they have taken the out-of-state person to person restriction away! I also looks like the refinancing rate has dropped to 7.55%! I should refinance again.... Thanks to the feds for dropping the lending rate...

'91 Black NSX
'87 Jumbo Jet :)
Geez... If I told you what rate I'm paying on my 95, you guys would laugh and call me stupid... So I won't say. So people first will go below 8% on refinancing? Is it legit to refinance a loan immediately after taking out a loan?

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Originally posted by SigEpUCI:
Is it legit to refinance a loan immediately after taking out a loan?

I dont see why not.. I did it.. My first quote was 8.5% then the bank lowered it so I called them for a re-finance and they said ok.. I know that some banks do Yet they charge a fee.. just call and ask.. it doesnt hurt at all.
of course it's legal..... technically speaking, you could continue to refinance a car repeatedly before 1st payments even come due.... thus, never having to make a payment. You would need excellent credit, enough lenders, no pre-payment penalty loans, and lots of time to waste.

Todd Arnold

If you qualify as military member or family member, Pentagon Federal Credit Union is 6.49% and I'm using to buy my 91'. See website at www.penfed.org

Aweome customer service and I applied online and recieved my approval in a couple hours. They will give you draft to use as cash for purpose. Loan approval good for 90 days.