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Loaner vehicle??

10 April 2001
Rogers, Ar
I am scheduled to take my NSX to my local dealer but they said they do not do loaner vehicles. I am a bit distured with this.
Is this normal for an Acura dealership? FYI...the dealership is Landers Acura in Fayettevile, AR.

91 NSX
This is really dealer dependent. However I've seen this trend with Acura dealers lately. Personally I think Honda/Acura USA should audit the Acura dealerships with a customer survey. I haven't received one in years.

For almost 16 years I've only owned Honda products, that is until recently. I can tell you where I live there's a definite difference between how I'm treated when I walk into a Lexus, BMW and MB dealership than any of the Acura dealerships. I'm seeing less and less difference between a Honda dealership and an Acura dealership.

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I agree. Big difference in service levels from late 80's early 90's Acura dealers. While it is true that offering loaner vehicles is an option, I think it should be mandated by Acura if they really want to promote the Acura line as a highline offering.

-- Chris


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I agree with what has been said so far. My Acura dealer (Goodson in Irving TX) always has loaners available. In fact there entire fleet is mostly RSX's, but NSX owners get a
3.2 TL.
My dealer has free loaners but you typically need to reserve them a week in advance. They can take service appointments on shorter notice but the loaners are not always available.

Even dealers who don't offer loaners are almost always willing to drive you to a nearby office or home or train station when you drop off your car. This is true for virtually all dealers around here (all makes, not just Acura), and most independent mechanics, too.

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Personally I think Honda/Acura USA should audit the Acura dealerships with a customer survey. I haven't received one in years.

I receive a customer response card after EVERY visit to my Acura dealer's service department. My understanding is that the results of this are used to determine customer satisfaction at a corporate level by American Honda. I thought they were required everywhere.
I know that some dealerships only give loaner vehicles if you are getting factory warranty work done.

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A rep for David McDavid in Austin told me their policy is to give loaners if the job will take greater than 3 hours.

(of course they offered to shuttle me anywhere first before mentioning the loaner car stuff)

I don't know if that's actual dealership-wide policy, or if it was just the rep's own personal thing.
Here in central NC the Crown family of dealerships gives a loaner to anyone who requests it and one is available. My Lexus dealer (Flow) will only give a loaner if it takes longer than 4 hours tech time, or you spend more than $600-700. Needless to say, I wish my Crown Acura would work on my Lexus!

I have only received one survey from Crown Acura, none from Flow Lexus. I still get stuff from Performance Acura in Chapel Hill who did my pre-purchase inspection (even though they missed a couple of things) and still get inquiries from Tom Williams Lexus in Birmingham after letting them fix my evaporator while visiting my mom six years ago! It all comes down to the owners and how they want their customers to perceive them.

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan
These threads always make me come to the conclusion that NYC sucks

When I had my Mercedes, not only did I not get a loaner when I brought it in, but the "car they called for me" to get me back to work was on me!

The BMW dealer told my wife that she could only get a loaner for repair work (not scheduled service) and it had to be booked 2 to 3 weeks in advance (?!) How do you book "repair work" in advance???

When I had the Vette... well, I won't even get into that. Basically, all work on the Vette was done by the Vette Doctors. I wasn't going *near* the dealer...

I am very interested in seeing how my first Acura trip will work out (fingers crossed)

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Thanks for all the feedback. It appears that many of you have gotten loaners from your respective dealers, which is probably a policy your respectivce dealer has chosen to provide better service to their customers. The fact that my local dealer will not give me a loaner demonstrates their commitment (or lack of) to their customer....thus I will be cancelling my appointment with them. Since I will be taking my car to the Barn Man in mid March, I will have him do the work.


91 NSX
The Lexus dealership that I work for, Kendall Lexus of Eugene, gives free service loaners to anyone that schedules ahead and requests one. I don't get one from the Acura dealership even though it is part of our auto group when I bring my NSX in for service.
Wow! Now THAT is bad...

The same auto group will give loaners out for their Lexus customers but not for someone who bought the most expensive car they sell?????

To be honest, that would piss me off a lot more than an Acura only dealer refusing the loaner...
Originally posted by hejo:
What's the tech like in Eugene? AOP is going down hill very, very fast. I'm hoping Morgan doesn't leave.

The tech in Eugene is the type that I will let do minor repairs. I have driven to Phoenix to have Mark B. do my 4.55 and short gears and NOS.
the mercedes/rover/jaguar dealer in kc just stopped giving loaners this past year. you can now get one but you have to RENT it.

that irritated me more than saying there are none available. before the change, they gave me a new discovery for a whole week while they waited for parts for my range rover. however, i still think i could talk them into a loaner if i needed one really bad. dont know about acura--havent needed a loaner to date.
The #1 NSX dealer in the US is Neillo Acura in Sacramento, CA. Great people, great service. As far back as 1990, they have given me a loaner. I usually ask for a TL 3.2 Type-S which by the way is a pretty amazing car.

This is an overhead cost that must be offset somewhere else in the business.
Greenwich Acura up in CT offer good service. They gave me a 2002 TL Type S for loaner when fixing my clutch. Plus fully detailed my car for free.. I guess not ever Acura dealer is like that.
I own both the NSX and a Lexus. I get a loaner when I get service done at the Lexus dealership. But I know that its not technically "free" they definetly add in the cost of the loaner in the service. Although Acura does not offer a loaner if you check the prices of service with delearships that offer loaners and ones that don't, you will see a difference in cost. Acura and Lexus are both high end cars, but from my experience, the cost of service is much cheaper at the Acura dealer. I would rather save the money on the service in the long run...but thats my 2 cents. I now take my lexus to dealer only for major service. Oil changes are an outragous 55 bucks... acura is 30... big difference.

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That seems to be the norm for every dealership. I just purchased a 2002 Mercedes CLK 55 Cab and the dealership said they provided Mercedes loaners..BUT they did not mention that you need to make an appointment 3 weeks prior. Who cares..they gave me a Geo or something like that and it brings me back to the old times..Times I need to remember every now and then.

Originally posted by Chief:
I am scheduled to take my NSX to my local dealer but they said they do not do loaner vehicles. I am a bit distured with this.
Is this normal for an Acura dealership? FYI...the dealership is Landers Acura in Fayettevile, AR.

91 NSX