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Lonely NSX in Savannah

19 August 2012
So I’ve had my NSX for a few months now but I’m itching to meet up with other NSX’s in the area. Went to my first 2 meets tonight but failed to see any NSX’s, and judging by the reaction I got on my NA1 it seems as if it’s been a while since anyone in this area has seen an NSX. Are there any “current” NSX owners in the Savannah area? Looks like most of the original NSX’s in this area have either moved or been sold.
I don't of any left in savannah, I just sold mine about 6 months ago. Best car I ever had so enjoy yours. I have a Jaguar XKR now and it is nice, better daily driver but the NSX will always hold a special place in my heart.
I visit Savannah from time to time, but I don't think I've seen one driving around.
Actually, I'm due for a trip there soon, so look out for my GPW scooting around.

Congrats on the NSX.
You should check out the Oglethorpe Driving club. We have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/186856591591/
It is a club made up of mostly race certified or instructor certified track huys and folks that own exotic cars. While the membership is limited to 40 people we do allow non members to come out to some events. We just rented out Roebling Road raceway this past Sunday and we have around 8 members that will racing in the Savannah Historic races later this month. It is a great group and we do rallye's, getaways for races and sometimes we meet for drinks and food at Bona Bella marina.
JLCoolMan, I'd love to see another NSX in this area. Let me know, we'll catch lunch or something and freak everyone out with not 1 but 2 NSX's.
Druby, I will definitely check the Oglethorpe Driving club out. Sounds like a good time. I went up to Roebling Road when I had my Turbo Cayenne as a spectator for a Porsche event and it was an amazing time. Keep me posted on any open events you guys might have.
I get to Savannah some too. It's only 90 mins from me. They are doing an event this Friday at Roebling. Seat time I think.
I know of an NSX in Savannah, but I can assure you it will not be on the road driving anytime soon. :frown:
its sad that you never see them im in tampa and we have meets all the time most that show up are about 10 or so, but I get to see NSX's all the time with my NSX only Shop

and its sweet to see no less than 5 every day

don't worry when you get to drive in a caravan of more than 5 it stops traffic trust me