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Look familiar?

3 April 2004
East Bay
Insideline posted pic of the "New" NSX in the Avenger movie. At first I wasn't sure but this is a chopped up version of our car with a body kit!:eek::eek::eek:











For MORE, Check HERE.

252k miles?! Who's NSX is this? And the NEW BODY KIT!! WHO WILL MAKE ONE!!!
I'd love to know too - where did the donor car come from? Was it a salvage? Someone's DD? 252k is up there in NSX land.

In a way I am thankful to them for taking a high-mileage NA1 to do this, instead of irreversibly modifying yet another pristine low-mileage example. These movies tend to have practically unlimited budgets as far as cars are concerned - I think they destroyed three or more R8s while filming the first Iron Man - so it's an act of mercy on their part that they didn't turn their unlimited budget towards pillaging a thinning herd.

In fact, you could say they even gave it a new lease on life - some collector or other millionaire will probably pay way too much for this car when the movie props are auctioned off. So they turned a 252k mile NA1 which probably would have sold for $20k into something a lot more valuable that will be well maintained as part of a private collection.
I thought these cars are factory sponsored, a showcase of the Honda/Acura brand, therefore, the real deals.

I'll be VERY interested to see someone make this wide body kit available for all of us NSX first gen owner.

After years of "neglect" and the lack of advancements, finally something new and exciting! You can only imagine how surprised I was to see our car share the same chassic to this "new" car....oh wait, is this really a new car or just a new skin.

Well, either way, someone should make this new wide body kit, for all us die-hard NSX fans. We should have the option for the conversion!!
Looks like Bob is having a blast shifting gears in that 250K mile car to the Avengers Premiere! Nice ride Tony lol

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