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Looking for a 18" X 8" TSW Montage wheel

14 February 2006
I am looking for 1 or 2 TSW Montage 18" X 8" wheels for the front of my car, as I have the same wheel in the back in the 19" size. They don't make them anymore in the style that I have. Notice pic of sheel to the left under my username.

If you have any or one of these in good condition( not bent) please send me a PM or post a reply here with pics please and your proposed price.

I got burned by some guy a couple of years back for like $450 on a clutch that he said was good condition, looked brand new and never used, and, was still in the oringinal box and plastic, and, had never been used. I bought it , put it away , and when my clutch went out on my car, I had my mechanic put in the one I bought from him. My mechanic put it in and when he went to start the car it made a bunch of crazy noises and the clutch did not work. I ended up buying a Oem clutch, and having the POS he sold me taken out, and having to have another total clutch job done. So this good samaritan conman really screwed me because my total bill was double a regular clutch job( I wanna say above $3000 or $4000). I was pissed, but, at the time I did not have the time to expose this guy for the POS he was. I wanna go read who it was that sold it to me and send him a message and warn others about him or ask around and see if he has pulled similar scams on others.
At the time, I had a lot on my mind with sick parents,etc. But you guys need to know about people like this who con people like me for $450. I have never had a bad buying experience on PRIME except for this jackhole.

How can I go back and find the post or the PM"S that I used to communicate with him. I am not that great on computers. Can anyone help me so I can expose this idiot. I hope he wrapped his car around a friggin tree, and that he was upside down in it with no gap insurance. I hope he was not hurt physically in the accident. I just hope he lost his car. Am I wrong for feeling this way?
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