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Looking For Trunk release wiring...

14 July 2005
I am looking for the wires that go to the trunk release. I know there is the switch in the drivers side door, and I know that there are wires somewhere underneath the drivers side dash... But I currently have the passenger side completely torn apart and was hoping I could find wires on the passenger side. Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.
I am wondering what you are looking for or what is wrong?
I just realized my master switch in the glovebox was turned off and my door switch then didn't work. So I switch the glovebox switch on and away I went.
In the manual, you can see much detail on pages.
and more around there somewhere.
I think a wire runs over to the keyless module if you had that option and that would be under your glovebox.
Thanks all I know.
Thanks for the update. I am going to track it down. I am trying to hook it up to my new keyless entry system.
On the left side way up in the dash. It's the harness coming out of the door. White and black wire in gray connector. Very very hard wire to tap into. Good luck!