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Lots of NSX parts from Europe

30 October 2008
France & Portugal
Hi Guys!
I bought a wrecked LHD (Left Hand Drive) nsx (VIN: JHMNA11500T100010), 2 years ago for my twin build project, mostly for the auto to manual swap. Now that my project is finished I do not need to keep all these parts, so it´s now time to put these for sale.
Parts are located in Lisbon Portugal, I can ship anywere, european buyers can save on lower shippings costs and/or custom taxes

I will not include a picture of all parts as they are too many, but they will be available by PM

List of NSX Parts:

Rear cockpit double vertical small glass - 200euros/250USD
Rear trunk RED - 200euros/250USD
Right jdm quarter fender BLACK - SOLD TO NORWAY
Right jdm/european Headlight with leveller- 250euros/310usd
Oem black carpets 250euros/310USD
Engine subframe complete - 400euros/500USD
Front right suspension upper arm+pivot 300euros/375USD
Rear right suspension arms complete - 500euros/625USD
NA1 manual engine harness - 250euros/310USD
Cockpit right side (main) harness - 250euros/310USD
Cockpit left harness - 250euros/310USD
Rear oem shocks - 150euros/185USD
Console - 150euros/185USD
JDM switches - 100euos/125USD
ABS pump - 150euros/185USD
ABS Acumulator - 150euros/185USD
ABS Modulator - 150euros/185USD
Cruise control module - 150euros/185USD
Vaccum controler/modul - 150euros/185USD
engine/gearbox mountings, auto & manual - 50euros/60USD each
costum made reinforced steel fuel lines - 100/125USD euros
Seats - 750euros/935USD
Electronic modules - 50euros/60USD each
Oem wing - 100euros/125USD
throttle cable - 100euros/125USD
Parking cable - 100euros/125USD
Brake master cilinder - 100euros/125USD
right window tracks - 50euros/60USD
Auto shifter - 100euros/125USD
Right door weather strip - SOLD TO NORWAY
Cats - 100euros/125USD each
Hatch frame, (no glass) - 200euros/250USD
Engine bay fan - 50euros/60USD

I can also cut some chassi frame parts like the A & B pillars, door step frames, the coupé roof for a crazy Targa-to-coupe conversion, or even the front firewall for a RHD-to-LHD project. Price of each frame part 250euros/325USD. PM me with what you need

....and surely more smaller parts, just PM and I will probably have it!

Thanks for the interest
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